Creative challenge: colorful paper beanbags for preschool play

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on February 6, 2012

in DIY, Paper Bag Beanbags

Tinkerlab is hosting another terrific creative challenge and this one is a paper bag creative challenge!  I don’t know about you, but trying to come up with a unique paper bag idea was a big stretch for me!


I still don’t know that I came up with something all that impressive but my kids enjoyed this little DIY idea.  I made bright and colorful paper bag beanbags….

I know – not all that impressive to look at but we had fun playing with our paper bag beanbags! To make these spectacular paper bag beanbags, I simply filled plastic baggies with beans then inserted the beans into the small colorful paper bags. By putting the beans in baggies first, you don’t have to worry if the paper bag tears open while playing with it

These are mini-paper bags that I picked up last summer. I am not sure where I got them from but I think from the Party Store here in my hometown…

I put about 1 cup of beans in each bag. Once they were all filled up, I folded the top of the bags down and stapled them shut…

Then I put all the beanbags in a basket and we were ready to play. Since I can’t sew, this makes a simple alternative to making fabric beanbags when I need a few at the last minute…

The children tossed the beanbags onto a grid I made out of tape on the carpet. There was no real objective to the game. The children just tried to see if they could get a beanbag in each square of the grid…

This game was much more challenging than it looks. The children really had to work at judging the strength of their toss as well as distance and height of the toss…

It is always amazing how something that can look so simple can end up being quite a challenge!

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