Guidecraft give-away: Balance base and multi-match sensory discs

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on January 3, 2012

in Give-Aways, Guidecraft Multi-Sensory Discs and Balance Base

This month, Mamanista from our Guidecraft Educator Group is hosting the January Guidecraft give-away.  There are two different items included in this give-away.

Guidecraft Balance Base

The Guidecraft Balance Base is something that until now, I have never seen before.  I have been leaving it out in my classroom over the past month for the children to explore as they like…

The children can stand on both sides of the Balance Base and rock the base back and forth.  the children easily understood that they must spread their feet apart to balance and rock the base back and forth…

The Balance Base promotes….well…balance!  In my classroom, the children will often pull it out during freeplay and rock back and forth on it while they are talking or waiting or deciding what else they want to do…

Multi Match Sensory Discs

The Multi Match Sensory Discs are also part of the give-away.  There are five discs in the set and each disc has a set of shapes that you can feel with your hands…

Along with the large five discs comes a set of smaller discs with numbers on them. The children can match the numbers to the number of shapes on the large discs or they can group the discs by number or put the discs in numerical order…

There is no right or wrong to playing with the discs.  The discs invite all types of learning through play and exploration as well as both large group and independent type of play…

The shape and number symbols and words on each disc add extra opportunity for reinforcing basic concepts in math, language, and literacy…

How you can win these great Guidecraft products…

For more details and a chance to win the Guidecraft Multi Match Sensory Discs and Balance Base – hop on over to Mamanista today! 

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