A new bookshelf in my preschool classroom

My indoor classroom does not have a lot of space so I have been working on ways to try and provide the centers/environment I really want my kids to enjoy and at the same time, not make things too crowded…

One of the changes I made was to remove a large, but very nice bookshelf, out of the classroom and add this “book shelf” on my wall…

I borrowed this idea from Corner House Blog and even followed her suggestion to go to Home Depot to get the materials and have them cut the Vinyl guttering into the right size for me. Funny thing was, when I asked if they could cut the guttering into three pieces for me (I gave them the lengths I needed) – they said that the guttering could not be cut – that it would splinter or possibly shatter if they ran it through the saw.   So I whipped out my Iphone and logged into Corner House Blog and said, “well this Home Depot didn’t have a problem!”  After looking at the blog post, they miraculously cut the guttering for me! I was so excited!!

My husband attached the guttering on the wall so it wouldn’t fall off (which is what would have happened if I put it up).  The guttering is light weight – so my students and I had a little chat about how to take care of the shelves and set some rules.  We haven’t had a problem and my students love it…


  1. Amy M says

    I did not read your blog for quite a while and I think I missed something… DId you start your own preschool? Sorry for being nosy but just had to ask. 😉

    • Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. says

      I didn’t realize you have been using them too Vanessa! I absolutely love them!!

    • Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. says

      It is true – my kids are reading books they hadn’t noticed before. It is so much more pleasing than books all jumbled up on a floor shelf:) I think because they are on the wall, I tend to pay more attention to how they are organized and presented too!

  2. says

    Awesome! I love the part where you whipped out your iPhone and proved that another person did it! haha! You got what you wanted , good for you! These are awesome shelves, I love this idea of a “book wall”. Takes up less space than a chunky bookcase that jets out, and creates more light by taking out a piece of furniture. Plus, the kids get to see all the front of the books, making it easier to find their story! Love it!! :))

  3. Joan says

    What a great idea, Deborah and what determination, too! LOL!!!! I would love to see more ideas about utilizing space in a very small classroom which I also have!!!

  4. ATITEBI F.B says

    This will enable me to make my classroom appears more neater and beautiful.T HANKS for bringing light into my business