Ring those bells in preschool

I found the perfect bells for the “hearing” component of our Five Senses of Christmas unit from the Dollar Store. I have always wanted a set of bells like this and I can use them for lots of musical activities throughout the school year….

When I was playing with them at the Dollar store, I noticed that each color of bell sounded a little different (High, Medium, Low pitch).  I set the bells out on our small table for the children to explore. Whenever I find something new for the children to use or play with – I almost always just set it out at first just to see what they decide to do with them….

Then later, during circletime, I brought the bells over and we talked about the different sounds the bells make…

Some of the bells sounded the same and some sounded different.  The children listened and called out when they heard two bells that sounded the same…

After listening to the bells, we then sang a fun little song called “Ring Those Bells” to the tune of “Jimmy Crack Corn”.  I actually have this song on a CD but I just sang it with the children. We learned that when we put our hand over the bottom of the bell, it will stop ringing. So in between each verse of the song, we froze and stopped the bell from ringing – then started back up again….

The song goes like this (well I make up my own verses but this is the general idea)…

Ring those bells and turn around

Ring those bells and turn around.

Ring those bells and turn around.

For Christmas time is near.

(repeat and change the words)

Ring those bells and stomp your feet.

(Then we ended with…)

Ring those bells quietly.

Ring those bells quietly.

Ring those bells quietly.

For Christmas time is near.


  1. says

    WOW that was a real find. I asked my musician husband how much the bells they sell at his store for kids would be – 21 bells = $140. Hope you really love those bells. That was a good deal and will be well used I am sure!

  2. Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. says

    Oh my!! That makes me feel very good to have my little dollar store bells!

  3. Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. says

    Hi – I got them from “Deals” here in Indiana. It is kind of like a Dollar Store.