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by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on November 25, 2011

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I hope you don’t mind but today I want to catch you up to speed with some new “works” I have in progress…

Prek+K Sharing Blog 

The Prek+K Sharing blog is a group of approximately 30 early childhood bloggers gathered together under the leadership of Debbie Clement.  The bloggers come from all sorts of backgrounds and experiences so this will be a great resource for those who are interested in early childhood education.

PreK + K Sharing

My contribution, for now, to the Prek+K Sharing blog is to focus on aspects of social networking and blogging for early childhood education. I don’t get much of a chance to talk about social networking on this blog so I hope to share my observations, experiences, and tips.  I will be presenting at two different workshops soon on this topic as well so writing about social networking and blogging will help me to be prepared for my workshops and hopefully be helpful to you as well.  Here is my introduction to this new blog: Blogging in Early Childhood.

The Crafty Community 

The Crafty Community is also a new blog that I have joined up with! I am excited about the possibilities of reaching out to new people and finding a way to share crafty ideas but still keeping within my beliefs as to what is considered quality early childhood practices. I have a real challenge on my hands but it will come to me!  I look forward to this new opportunity and challenge. I invite you to come and visit me over at The Crafty Community! Already on the site are teachers from all grade levels so it will be a fun resource for everyone!

National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption Month and before the month comes to an end, I have a very special guest lined up to share some amazing insights and personal experiences on the connection between early childcare practices and families of adoption.  Renata Sledge, my guest author, has open my eyes to concerns and information I just have never thought of before when it comes to communicating and working with children of adoption and their parents.  Whether you are a teacher, administrator, or a parent – I hope you will take a few minutes, starting November 27th,  to read each of Renata’s short but heartfelt posts on the topic of adoption and early childhood education/care.

Clara's Family: Art in Preschool

More on the Light Table

I recently received a wonderful email from Cynthia Tanguay, one of my Teach Preschool blog followers along with some beautiful photos of things she is doing with the light table. Cynthia has tweaked my version of a homemade light table to make one for herself.  I thought her ideas were wonderful and asked if I could share them with you all and she said yes!  So get ready to enjoy more ideas from Cynthia on creating and having fun with a home made light table -coming soon!

Photo shared with permission by Cynthia Tanguay

Thanks for letting me share these updates with you and in case I haven’t said this recently – thank you so much for following me here on Teach Preschool and for the wonderful comments you leave. I am truly blessed by you all everyday!



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