Making our own beads in preschool

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on November 9, 2011

in Creative Art, Pasta Necklaces, Thanksgiving

We are going to have a Thanksgiving Feast in just a couple of weeks so to get ready, we have been making our costumes. Today, we made our beads which we will thread on Thursday…

We are making our beads out of pasta. I found these very short tube pasta noodles with wide holes for threading.  The children helped Miss Abby dye the pasta today…

The children scooped a handful of pasta into a bowl that had some vinegar and food color in it then used the spoon to stir it around for a few minutes….

Then they used the spoon to scoop out the pasta onto trays covered with paper towels…

Our class uses food color often so they understood that they had to be sure to use the spoon to transfer and stir the pasta. They did a terrific job.  The color you see on the hands in these photos was from markers not food color:) …

Yes, we did get some on our table but we were able to wipe it right off with a disposable Clorox towel.  Using food color like this can be tricky.  When you dilute it in a tub of water, like for water play, it doesn’t stain your hands but when you use it in a concentrated form like this, it can leave a little color on your hands but the color will come out after a few hand washes. The color will not rub off of the pasta once it is dry so the children can handle the pasta without worry.  We set the pasta out to dry for a couple of  hours and now it is all ready to go for making necklaces this week…

We will use twine for the string and the children will thread their own bracelets and necklaces. The twine is nice and stiff and doesn’t fray at the ends so it makes it easier for the children to do the threading process on their own…

I love how we ended up with two colors of pasta – we have more natural colors and some bright colors for the children to choose from…

We have so many things to do to get ready for our Feast!

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