Every day flannel board play

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on November 14, 2011

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We have all types of felt boards in my classroom.  I am always making felt pieces to go along with a book we read or a topic we might be interested in.  Sometimes the children use the felt pieces as intended and other times they just play with them in ways that are more interesting to them…

These are our mini-felt boards. I made all the felt boards using the process that I blogged about earlier this year. You can see how to make your own felt board here

We set our mini-felt boards out on the table for play. I have six mini-felt boards total but they don’t only get used for felt. Sometimes, I set them out with other tools for play like these buttons.  The felt boards make a nice, soft, and quiet surface for the children to lay small items out in patterns or for sorting or just to explore…

I also have a several different sized felt boards that I use. We use felt boards to explore patterns or to play games like in the activity below…

And we use them to tell stories or to illustrate simple children’s songs and finger plays….

And hanging on the wall are two flannel boards down low with flannel board pieces out at all times for the children to explore…

I love using flannel boards throughout the classroom environment. I think flannel board pieces offer wonderful opportunities for story telling, imagination, and extended learning…

Any flannel (or felt) board activity I use during circle time, gets left out on the floor for the children to come back to and try on their own…

By leaving it out for the children to explore on their own, they can retell the story or rearrange the pieces as they like…

If you have a flannel board activity or post to share, I would love for you to share them!


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