Celebrating grandparent’s day in preschool

I didn’t know that when I wrote about on becoming a grandparent, I would be warmly welcomed into the grandparent club! Below this post, I am sharing some links to ideas for celebrating grandparents day but first, I want to share with you a few things I love most about being a grandparent…

Spending time at home with my little grandson…

Watching my daughter be a parent…

Trying on fun clothes..

Watching each stage of growth and development…

And of course, exploring new toys that grandma made..


Happy Grandparent’s Day!

From Deborah to all the other Grandmas and Grandpas out there!


Links to grow on…

The following links are fun ideas for grandparent’s day!

Celebrating grandparent’s day in preschool

Last minute grandparent gifts from Handprint and Footprint Art

Postcards for Grandma from Growing Home

Grandchild Wanted Poster from Grandma Lizzie’s House

Grandparent’s Day Cards from Our Homeschool Fun