Painting with Eric Violette and a preschooler

I had a few special guests stay at my house this past week. Eric Violette, the guy from the free credit report . com commercials, and his fellow band members were in town to perform and while staying in my home, I asked Eric if he would like to join Wy and I to do a little painting... Eric was a really good sport to paint with us and being that he has no experience [...]

Make your own chip clip art in the preschool classroom

Wy is always playing with the chip clips around our house, so I thought I would integrate the chip clip play into a little chip clip painting... I set out some chip clips, yarn, pieces of craft foam, and three colors of paint.  To paint with the clips, the boys put the scraps of yarn or foam in their clips then dipped the scraps of materials into the paint... Making the clips open and trying [...]

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Ketchup and Mustard waterplay

Along with our dramatic play with the grill, our painting on the grill, and our ketchup and mustard squeeze painting, we enjoyed some ketchup and mustard waterplay... The original intent of this water table was to wash and dry dishes (which they did earlier that day) but the boys wanted to squeeze the left over yellow and red paint into the table after we were done painting. Since the bottles were pretty much empty, I thought [...]

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Ketchup and mustard squeeze painting in preschool

Yesterday I shared about how we painted on the grill for our barbecue dramatic play day and today I want to show you our ketchup and mustard squeeze painting... The mustard and ketchup bottles actually contain red and yellow paint... The canvas is a large piece of currigated cardboard that I cut up into squares... Squeeze painting tip One suggestion I would like to make to those of you who are concerned about squeeze painting. Try [...]

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Painting on the grill in preschool

To go along with our pretend barbecue, the boys had fun with a little ketchup and mustard painting on the grill... First we used a basting brush to spread a little ketchup and mustard (red and yellow paint) on our grill (aluminum pan with holes in it)... The paint flowed through the holes leaving fun little dots on our red paper... At first, we had only set out yellow paint in a mustard container for [...]

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Grilling with preschoolers:pretend play

We had a little fun barbecue play today with our very own grill and accessories... There are several skills explored and concepts learned as we played today... Wy and I learned how to fold up our own table cloth... Tristan already knew how to fold his picnic blanket so he demonstrated this for us... We were reminded that when a grill is hot, we should never touch it with our fingers... Then we tried grilling up [...]

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Integrating technology into the preschool classroom

I must admit that as much as I excel in the use of technology when it comes to my own professional needs, I am terrible at incorporating technology into the classroom. But lately, I have been observing and evaluating the use of technology and its importance to the preschool children of today... My daughter has been the biggest influence on my latest revolutions about technology and young children. My daughter comes from a generation of [...]

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Wonderful windows in preschool

There is something about having windows in a preschool environment. In almost every classroom I go into, I find a child looking out the window... I sometimes notice that teachers cover their windows with lots of artwork which can be quite beautiful but I recommend that where possible, you keep most of the window free for children to still be able to see out... Or the sun to shine in... I like to set up [...]

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Building parent-teacher relationships in preschool

I participated in two discussions on the Bam Radio Show about building or understanding the parent/teacher relationship. Each conversation had a completely different spin on the topic. You can listen to each show by clicking on the photos below... (Or click here and scroll down the wall to find the title of each radio show)  I will let you go and take a listen to the two shows so you can [...]

Bam Radio: Tips for addressing misbehavior in preschool

I recently participated in the Bam Radio conversation "Bad Behavior: When to Ignore, When to Intervene" with Rae Pica, Mary Gersten, and Kate Williams. This is truly a wonderful discussion and I hope you will stop and take a listen. If you can't listen to it here or here... I have highlighted some of the points from our conversation that I really found valuable and wanted to share them with you. When addressing misbehavior consider [...]