DIY: I made my very own geoboards for preschool

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on July 23, 2011

in DIY, Geoboards

After my husband made the sensory tables and the window easel, he had two left-over rectangular shaped pieces of plywood left over. They were the “holes” that were cut out of the sensory table. I decided to try my own hand at some construction and made my very own geoboards…

I sanded the rough edges first then painted the first side of both boards…

Then I flipped the boards over so I could add the nails. I used drywall nails because that is all my husband had handy. My husband is a home builder by trade but i noticed he hardly keeps any tools here at home. The hammer I found to use must be over 20 years old…

Before adding the nails, I used a pen to mark where the nails should go. I figured since the point of the geoboard is to make geometrical shapes, I should try to make the nails line up nicely. I really tried to do this using a ruler but in the end, I just guessed at where to put the nails until they all looked lined up to me…

The tricky part for me was making sure I didn’t hit the nails all the way through the board but still put the nails in far enough so they stayed firmly in place. In the end, I had a few poking through just a bit and had to turn the board over and hammer them back the other way….

I then painted the board and the nails all white. I wanted white so the colorful  rubber bands would show up nicely. I chose to paint the nails too because they looked better painted…

I am very proud of my carpentry skills here!

These are extra large rubber bands that you can get at most office supply stores. I purchased a set of large bands and a set of smaller rubber bands from staples…

The total cost for me was just the price of the rubber bands since the wood, paint, and nails were all left-over materials in my husband’s garage!

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