Preschool science and sensory with balloons and water

Balloons and water

This week, we have been exploring water balloons. Before I share this activity with you – let me remind everyone that there are wonderful opportunities for learning with balloons but you have to be watchful and remind young children not to put them in their mouths while they play. Under the right supervision, this activity […]

Quick tip for storing your preschool flannel board stories

Playing on the flannel board

I am always making and collecting flannel board stories and games for my classroom. I love how flannel board stories and activities can capture the attention of young children and get them involved in circletime. I will be posting several of our flannel board activities throughout this school year but today, I want to show […]

Literacy Beginnings | Chapter 20 | Names

At 4 Children often are able to write their own name

The most powerful and effective way for children to begin learning the complex process of learning about letters is by writing their own names.” ~Carol Lyons Retrieved from Literacy Beginnings on July 25, 2011 Today I am sharing the highlights from Chapter 20 Names: A Powerful resource for Literacy Learning by Pinnell and Fountas. This […]

Finding treasures for your preschool classroom


One thing I don’t have yet for my preschool classrooms are child-sized shelves. My husband is planning to build me a few but in the mean time, I happened to stumble across this little shelf in my mom’s neighborhood… It’s funny how being a preschool teacher makes you look at everything with an eye for […]