Painting on the light table

With my new light table all ready to go, I just had to play with it here at home and the first thing I wanted to try was a little painting... Now keep in mind that this is my DIY light table so there is no plug or electricity and because the lid is totally washable, I wasn't worried about getting paint on it. However, the first thing I did was cover the lid with [...]

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Playing the train game in preschool

During our musical a few weeks ago, I taught the older children a little train song and dance. Part of what we did was use our chairs to make a train for the musical. The two year old children would often come into the room and watch us as we practiced the train song... I went in the twos classroom sometime later and found them making their own train... At first only one or two [...]

DIY: Making a mini-light box for preschool

Once I start trying to figure out an idea, I tend to go overboard so I hope I am not driving everyone crazy with all the light box posts. I have one more very simple light box idea to share and I think I will have given you all my best efforts of creating a DIY light box... While making my own light box which you can see here and here, I discovered that I [...]

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Is outdoor playtime break time?

With summer time upon us, outdoor play is one of the biggest topics of discussion going around blog world. I recently participated in a wonderful discussion on outdoor play on Bam Radio and I hope you will take the 15 minutes of time to listen to it... The radio segment is titled "Why Play Time is Not Break Time" with Rae Pica, Dr. Michael Henniger, Dr. Heather Olsen Ed.D,  and me.  You can listen to [...]

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Update: Tweaking my DIY light table

Since my original post on creating my own light table, I have received all kinds of wonderful ideas on how to improve on my plan. I thought I should share the ideas with you so you can decide what will work best for you... The first suggestion was to paint the inside of my plastic container with a silver paint so to help contain and reflect the light inside the container. I used a plastic [...]

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Circle time: Introducing the forest to preschoolers

One way I like to introduce a new concept to young children is by filling up my treasure box with little trinkets that inspire questions and conversation about that topic. Today's treasure box is a forest box... Inside my forest box are different items one might find if they went for a walk in the forest. As I pull out each item, I invite the children to tell me about what they see... Although I [...]

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Have fun with button lights in preschool

I love those little surprises that come up along the way and this is one of those times where the best things come when the child leads the way! While I was busy making my light table, Wy was busy playing with the button lights... At first I wasn't paying attention but then I realized that Wy had come up with a terrific way to explore lights/on/off on his own... I took some photos with [...]

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DIY light table for preschool

On my wish list is a brand new light table but I have a very long wish list and not much patience. After seeing so many wonderful light table ideas and reading a bunch of amazing ideas on Teach Preschool on Facebook about using a light table, I decided to try making my own... This idea I am sharing with you is still a "work in progress" but I figured I would share the basics [...]

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DIY: colorful discs for the light table in preschool

I am not so lucky as my sweet friend Leeanne over at Kreative Resources who managed to find a free set of plexiglass discs to use on her light table. In fact, I don't even have a light table! But after reading several ideas from others, I have managed to make my own discs and light table. This post is about the discs and my next one will be a little tutorial on the light [...]

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