Try the frog leap in preschool

Frog Leap

In preschool, the frog leap is just a bit different than the old fashioned leap frog game where you jump over another person’s back… In this classroom, the teacher laminated some lili-pads on the floor for her little frogs to leap across. We have the two-footed leap… The split leap.. The full-body leap (sorry for a […]

Should we teach boys versus girls differently in preschool?

Rae Pica with  Dr Cordelia Fine, Abigail James,Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on Bam Radio

Let’s face it – little boys and little girls have some basic differences. They look different, they smell and sound different (sometimes), they have different body parts, and sometimes they even play differently. But the real question is, should we teach them differently? The most recent topic of discussion on Bam Radio titled “Debunking 3 […]