Should we teach boys versus girls differently in preschool?

Let's face it - little boys and little girls have some basic differences. They look different, they smell and sound different (sometimes), they have different body parts, and sometimes they even play differently. But the real question is, should we teach them differently? The most recent topic of discussion on Bam Radio titled "Debunking 3 Big Fat Myths About Teaching Boys Versus Teaching Girls" seeks to answer that question.  Click on the link [...]

Buzzing little bumble bee prints in preschool

This is a simple bumble bee activity box to throw together.... All you need are yellow ink pads, black crayons, and some pieces of paper.... Invite the children to press their fingers on the yellow ink pad and then make yellow prints on their paper... Once they have their prints on the paper, invite the children to use a black crayon or marker to add additional bumble bee features... Some of the children really went [...]

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How to clean up the preschool classroom

To keep your classroom clean, start by keeping a broom and dust pan by the sand table at all times... And keep old towels near the water table at all times... And be sure to have extra paper towels available for cleaning the tables... And keep plenty of baskets handy for sorting and putting away the toys... And plenty of trashcans nearby for throwing away the trash... And then teach your kids how to be [...]

We made caterpillars in preschool

There are some activities that just look like fun and this caterpillar painting activity is one of my favorites.... The teachers set out bright colors of paint, some plastic cups, and some plastic forks. The children used the plastic forks to scratch some green grass on their paper... We had all kinds of green grass going on... To add the caterpillars, the children dipped the plastic cups in different colors of paint and made circle [...]

Still life flower drawings in kindergarten

This is the final activity we did with our flower bouquets. You can see the other posts here > painting with flowers, a flower canvas, and cutting flower stems. I have also seen many different folks share about still life drawings which made me really want to give this a try with the kids... To get this activity started, I set out a bouquet of flowers in a vase, paper, and some crayons. I talked with the [...]

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Cutting flower stems in preschool

Cutting flower stems in preschool Perhaps I should have titled this post "Attempting to cut flower stems in preschool" because child scissors don't make much of a dent in the stems. However, one of our students figured out how to make this work.... These are left-over stems from our flower bouquets which I posted about yesterday here for painting and here for flower canvas.... This little girl figured out that it was easiest to bend [...]

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Painting with a bouquet of flowers in preschool

Did you save the flower bouquet for preschool? I have shared how the kindergarten class made a flower canvas from a flower bouquet that was just about ready to be thrown out. Here are some additional activities to use up those flowers from the flower bouquet as well... While at one table, the children were making a flower canvas, at another table the children were painting with flowers... For this table, I clipped the stems of [...]

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