Getting preschoolers involved in classroom setup

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on May 1, 2011

in Classroom Management, Classroom Setup, Water play

Sometimes we, as adults, tend to think we should have everything just perfect and all set up before the children come into the classroom.  I agree that having things organized can help with classroom management and the flow of the classroom day but at the same time, it is also a good idea to save some of the classroom set up for the children to help out with…

This is my fabulous water table that Tristan is helping to fill up.  I have a couple of empty orange juice containers that we use for filling up the water table….

The container is filled full enough of water to get a good amount of water for the water table but not so full that it is too heavy for the children to carry and tip over with control…

Notice how there are towels underneath the water table because yes – water will get on the floor so have a towel or two or three handy for catching the overspills…

Once the water is filled to the desired depth then you will want to add tools for playing with the water or some food color and so on! I think I have strayed from the point of this post but the point was to let children help in the set up of the classroom. Part of good classroom management is learning how to engage the children in the process rather than having them sit and wait while you do all the work. Helping fill the water table will teach them how to care for the classroom and they love being involved in this way too! Besides, why should you be doing all the work when you have so many capable helpers?

As a side note…

In case you are wondering I actually have two classrooms that I share photos from. I share from the classrooms of Learning Time Preschool where I often go in to train teachers and I also now have my studio.

My home classroom (studio) is set up like a classroom but I am working on it right now to prepare for summer time. Tristan’s mom has been kind enough to let Tristan help me out as I get the classroom ready. I will share more about my home classroom environment later as I get it more ready for the summer session.

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