Experimenting at home for preschool

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on May 30, 2011

in Mixing Colors

Sometimes I will come across an idea that I really love but can’t necesarily decide how I want to implement it in the classroom….

I have seen this idea a couple of times now with the first time being at Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning.

I folded a paper towel into one long strip and then added a few colors of food color across the strip. Then I placed one end of the paper towel in a small jar of water and let it sit for a bit…

The water begins to soak up the paper towel and as it does, the food color begins to bleed across the paper towel…

I got a little impatient waiting for the water to drift across the paper towel so I stuck the other end of the paper towel in a second jar of water…

In the end, my paper towel got pretty soaked and all the colors ran together to make a pretty tie dyed look. I also ended up with a jar of yellow and a jar of blue water…

Then I took the paper towel out of the water and spread it out to dry…

So now that I have tried this at home, I will have a basic idea of what to expect should I decide to introduce the process to the children in the classroom…


There are several reasons to try something like this out before you take it to the classroom…

  1. You get a sense of how long the process will take
  2. You figure out what works and doesn’t work
  3. You get a grasp on how your students can participate in the process
  4. You can see if there is something more you would like to add to the process

By having experimented with the process on my own now – I will be more relaxed about introducing the process to the children and letting them experiment with the process. I also will want to make some plans for those colorful paper towels once they all dry. They are just too pretty to throw away!

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