Experimenting at home for preschool

Sometimes I will come across an idea that I really love but can't necesarily decide how I want to implement it in the classroom.... I have seen this idea a couple of times now with the first time being at Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning. I folded a paper towel into one long strip and [...]

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Building trucks with simple materials in preschool

When our curriculum coordinator, Mrs. Fisher, showed me the items she had planned for this transportation activity box, she was worried that the children might not really like it. I love the unpredictability of children... Mrs. Fisher put some cards with simple shaped trucks printed on each card in the activity box with some straws [...]

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Making the art process easier isn’t always the right choice in preschool

As part of a transportation unit, the children in this class explored how the flow of wind helps a hot air balloon move across the sky. To build on the concept of wind, the children tried a little blow-painting on their hot air balloons... The children put a spoonful of paint on their paper balloons then [...]

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Who is really teaching preschool?

Today, I happened by this class to see what was up and while there, I discovered the real teacher hard at work play. This young teacher (a Pre-K student) was holding a set of cards that had been made for the transportation activity box. Each card had a different color of car on the front [...]

Why should I do that same old boring art activity in preschool

As long as I have been teaching, I have been including car painting in my lesson plans. That would be over 20 years of ruining Hot Wheels and other cars (that are probably now collectibles) with paint and water... Today as I walked around, I observed children painting with cars yet again. But as I [...]

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We made a paper plate bumble bee in preschool

The children at preschool made a paper plate bumble bee... The children started by using yellow paint and a paint roller to turn their paper plate a bright yellow... Then the children painted on some black bumblebee stripes with a paint brush. Notice how they used different types of painting tools as this process progressed. [...]

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Father’s day gift idea for preschoolers

Last year, the children at preschool made this cute little Father's Day gift.  I want to say, before you read on, that I know the spelling of "Duct Tape" is incorrect on the gifts but for some reason, it wasn't noticed until after the projects were all done! LOL! I still thought it was such [...]

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Try the frog leap in preschool

In preschool, the frog leap is just a bit different than the old fashioned leap frog game where you jump over another person's back... In this classroom, the teacher laminated some lili-pads on the floor for her little frogs to leap across. We have the two-footed leap... The split leap.. The full-body leap (sorry for a [...]