Y is for yarn in preschool

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on April 2, 2011

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Preschoolers are unpredictable when it comes to what they will find interesting and how they will play with the different items we put in the activity boxes. I found this adorable idea of making yarn designs on sandpaper by Polwig and decided to turn this idea into one of our activity boxes…

We placed sandpaper and yarn in the box with the idea that the children would make yarn designs and pictures on the sandpaper. Out of all the classes I observed, this twos class seemed to enjoy the yarn the most. They didn’t care for the sandpaper but they loved playing with the strips of colorful yarn…

The teacher took the time to demonstrate how she can make different shapes on the table with yarn then let the children just have at it. This little boy spent the entire time making one circle after another. He would stretch the yarn out straight then make the two ends meet. He was very specific in his play – it was delightful to observe him as he focused intently on making his designs…

This little one is a very young two year old and he liked taking the yarn off the table and stretching each length of yarn across the top of a nearby bookshelf…

Every time he would turn around to go get another length of yarn, he would accidentally knock the other yarn pieces off the shelf that he just stretched out. He was so patient as he continued to put them all back up in long straight rows…

Some of the two year olds preferred to roll their yarn up like spaghetti with a fork…

Who knew that lengths of yarn could lead to the development of so many different skills…

In the two year old classrooms, our teachers are always modeling play. They don’t tell the children what they have to do but instead they model different kinds of play then give the children time to explore in their own way.  Even the teachers wouldn’t have thought of making lines on the bookshelf but by modeling a few ideas, the twos are inspired to give something like this a try in their own way…


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