Sorting it all out in preschool

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on April 4, 2011

in Activity Boxes, Color Sort, Shapes and Colors

We have been doing some serious color sorting this past week and as you know, serious play leads to serious learning…

To review colors, we put together color sorting trays. This tray was a box used to hold crayons by the bulk and it made a perfect sorting tray. We simply added laminated color cards in the bottom of each section that can be removed in case we want to do a different kind of sorting later on…

This two year old had definitely mastered the concept of sorting colors…

Because we had quite a few classes that were sorting colors this week, we had to come up with other sorting trays as well like these color sorting baskets…

Again, we simply put a laminated color card in the bottom of each strawberry basket which worked quite well…

We also used cereal bowls with a color card in the bottom of each bowl for sorting…

With the bowls set up like shown above – it kind of looks to me like a rainbow!

The fun part of this activity was hunting down objects for sorting that went with each color. We wanted to provide a basket of objects to add to our activity box but a teacher could just have the children search the room on their own to find objects that would go with each color…

The tables were definitely full of color this past week…

The teachers said their favorite color sorter out of all the ones we tried this week was the empty crayola box.  Oh yeah, and see how the colored paper comes out of the box? This young man is now putting them back inside the box in the order he prefers…

We all like to play in our own way…

Here are a few more sorting activities and sorting trays to check out…

Sorting by Color from L is for Learning (plastic bowls)

We’re Going on a Color Hunt from The Imagination Tree (buckets)

Color Sorting Tray by Family Fun Notebook (wooden tray)

Let’s Sort by Let’s Explore  (egg carton)

Color Sorting by Scott School  (egg carton)

Utensil Sort by The Amazing Mess (Utensil tray)

Plastic Bottle Cap Sorting by Pocket Full of Posies (Plastic containers with lids)

Car Sorting by Along the Way (Colors of card stock on a table)

Eggsellent Egg Trays by Our Worldwide Classroom (large egg cartons)

Seed Sorting by PreKinders (small bowls and paper)

Sorting Buttons by Little Family Fun (compartment tray)

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