Making rainbow fish collages in preschool

The kindergarten children from this class have been reading the book "The Rainbow Fish" by Marcus Pfister and today they made their very own rainbow fish collages... The teacher set out a basket of tissue paper squares and some aluminum foil to add a little bit of shimmer... Each child took their own approach towards making a rainbow fish collage... Some of the children chose to use glue bottles and other children chose to use [...]

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Fostering organizational skills through play

This is a  pile of magnetic numbers and a magnetic cookie sheet I bought at the dollar store. I have been organizing my activity boxes for future use... There was a second cookie sheet on the table without any magnets... As Tristan sat down to play, I realized that his focus wasn't on the numbers or the order of the numbers but it was on the organization of the magnets... As Tristan played, I reinforced [...]

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Building daily living skills in preschool

There are lots of opportunities for young children to build daily living skills. When my little friend Tristan came over today, I thought we could do some art activities in my studio but he wanted to help me with some cleaning and arranging instead. As we started working together, I realized that this was an opportunity to explore daily living skills so we went with it... Daily living skills can include just about any thing [...]

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Turtle shell prints for preschoolers

I don't know what it is about turtles but I just love them and I am always trying to think of new ways to make them so they are a little less craftsy and a little more artsy.... This turned out to be a fun way to make turtle prints to go along with the book - "The Foolish Tortoise" by Eric Carle. Start by cutting out "shell" shapes or ovals from a piece of Styrofoam. [...]

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Keeping the glue bottles with brushes clean in preschool

This is one of my favorite glue bottles that I highly recommend for young children... The only problem is that after some use, the glue lid gets impossibly stuck to the bottle... I spent a long time cleaning the tops of these bottles and even ended up with some pretty sore fingers trying to pry the lids off. Then I put the bottles (only the ones that had lids completely glued shut) in the dishwasher. [...]

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Creating a flower collage in preschool

Collages are a simple way for children to extend their understanding of different concepts that they are exploring or showing an interest in... Collage materials can include any kind of materials you can possibly think of. These children are making what I would consider one of the most basic types of collages using pictures and glue. The children are simply cutting out flower pictures and gluing them to their paper... As the children create their [...]

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An earth day poem: What do you see?

I wrote this little earth day poem based on the story "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" by Bill Martin Jr. and  Eric Carle. Teacher, teacher what do you see? I see lady bugs, sorting, and counting games looking at me.... Teacher, teacher what do you see? I see paper animals, trees, flowers, and instruments looking at me... Teacher, teacher what do you see? I see bowling pins, spy games, and painting tools [...]

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