Inviting children to play in preschool

This is not a St. Patrick's day post but I did use photos from our St. Patrick's day activity box to start this post off so please read on.... How you set out materials on a table can make a difference in whether children will want to play with those materials or not. During St. Patrick's week, we made up several activity boxes for the children to explore. One of the activity boxes included green [...]

Explaining the creative art process during circle time to preschoolers

Before rushing off to explore creative art activities, we often take a minute to explain the creative art activity during circle time... The goal is to help the children connect the dots between the creative art activity and any concept we are exploring throughout the week... Once the children get to the table, they will be able to freely explore the art materials but they will also have an understanding of what the materials are for [...]

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Rainy day chalk drawings in preschool

Today the children were exploring rain and the goal was to make a rainy day picture with chalk... First they were to create a picture with the chalk and then sprinkle some water, like rain, on top of the chalk drawing... The children were interested in making the rain but they were not grasping how the rain (water) made any difference on the chalk. Part of the reason was because they hadn't used enough of [...]

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Spring up your preschool classroom with pussy willows!

The children made pussy willows in preschool today! They started out by exploring a real pussy willow. We had to be careful because if we handled the branch too much the little buds (catkins) would fall of the branch very easily. So instead we took one of the catkins off and let the children feel it instead.... Each class, depending on the age, first made a branch by painting a brown/white/glue mixture on their paper... [...]

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Colorful and educational rice bottles for preschoolers

I have been playing around with rice bottles to see what I can do to make them both fun and educational. I love all the different versions of rice bottle, also called "I Spy" bottles, I have seen on other blogs and since I whipped up all that colorful rice a few weeks ago, I have really wanted to make a few of my own.... This bottle of rice has little rubber ducks and fish [...]

My busy book: sewing

Sewing can be a challenge for any preschooler so I have tried to simplify the process a bit and add it to a busy book... For sewing cards - I had some sheets of cardboard that I saved from something my husband got in the mail. You could cut up cereal boxes as well. Then I punched holes around the edges. I couldn't find my long hole puncher to punch holes in the center of [...]

My busy book: Crayons

If you are planning a road trip or just need to keep a preschooler busy - try making a Busy Book! This busy book is My Crayon Busy Book... To make the Crayon Busy Book you will need 3-ring binder, some crayons, some paper, and sticky-back velcro. I used the velcro to attach the crayons to the inside cover of the 3-ring binder. This makes it easier to keep track of crayons so they don't [...]

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