Make spring break travel with preschoolers fun and educational!

For those of you heading out on a long trip during spring break, I will  be sharing a few simple travel tips for parents of preschoolers today = Thursday – March 17, 2011 on Indiana’s  Fox Morning News – Channel 59 at 9:15am EST…

I will be sure to share the video of the news segment along with “My Busy Books” as soon as the video is ready…

I will also be sharing these “I Spy” bottles that I made…

So stay tuned for all the travel tips…. AND….

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!




  1. Courtney says

    Just watched the story. Wish you would have been able to get into the Busy Books a little more. I am very interested in learning more!

    • Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. says

      I am going to blog about them:) A 3 minute segment doesn’t give me much time!!

  2. Rishmawy Learning Center Honduras says

    I love this idea, and congrats on the news segment!!! Your work is inspiring