At play with playdough people in preschool

I recently acquired these little people shaped craft sticks. The craft stick people were unfinished so I painted a few of them blue and a few of them red... I am always looking to add new dimensions of play to the materials we already have in the classroom. So I added the people shaped craft sticks to the playdough table today... The children started off by simply exploring the two different kinds of materials by sticking the [...]

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Painting colorful trees in preschool

The children have been exploring the four seasons throughout the week and today they painted trees... The teacher had set out paper with a tree form already on it (the children probably could have drawn their own trees) and a variety of paint colors with paint brushes. This was one of many different activities the children were able to choose from today... Each of the children chose their own unique approach to painting their trees. [...]

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Exploring all four seasons in preschool

Through out this week, the children have been exploring the four seasons. For one of our activity boxes, we set out laminated trees and symbols to go on the trees that represent each of the four seasons... Before playing with the four season items, the teacher brainstormed with the children about which season each symbol might represent.. The children then put on their thinking caps and sorted the symbols onto the trees. There wasn't a lot [...]

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Measuring the short and long of it in preschool

During circle time, these children explored the concept of longer and shorter... The teacher selected two children at a time to go and select an object from the room and bring it back to the circle. The two objects were then placed side by side so the children could determine which was longer and which was shorter... The teacher helped the children understand that when they compare the items to see which is longer and [...]

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Exploring weather patterns in preschool

To extend the weather graphing experience over time, the children help to create a weather caterpillar... Each day, the children add a new circle to their weather caterpillar and discuss the patterns in the weather. As you can see below, the weather pattern is "rainy, rainy, cloudy, cloudy" (AABB)... In the younger classes, the teacher has premade weather symbols that are added to the caterpillar each day. In older classes, the weather helper of the [...]

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Graphing the weather with preschoolers

As I shared previously, graphing with preschoolers is a wonderful way to expand a child's understanding of their world. The children have been exploring the weather with the use of a graph as well... On the top of the graph, the children answer the question "What is your favorite weather?" By titling the graph with a question, the children are encouraged to think about and share what they understand about the weather... The children are [...]

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