Organizing your teacher bag for preschool

I think I have hundreds teacher bags laying around. I get them from all sorts of places but mostly from conferences I attend. Several months ago, I shared how we organize our teaching materials for the week. My main purpose in using a teacher bag is to make transitions between activities go smoothly and to keep essential tools at my fingertips... I use it to keep things handy like scissors, a permanent marker, glue, and [...]

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Making patterns with Dr. Seuss’s hat!

On March 2nd, we will be celebrating the birthday of Dr. Seuss.  We have a few ideas planned and a few activity boxes prepared as well. This is our "Cat in the Hat" activity box. It is simply several laminated Dr. Seuss hats cut from red construction and a set of laminated strips of construction paper... The children will be invited to place the laminated strips on the cat's hat any way they wish. A [...]

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Bam Radio: Discussion on Childcare Rating Scales

I am not always up to speed on what is happening from a political perspective in early childhood education. I get so caught up in just how to teach in the classroom that I just don't take time to understand and get informed about the kinds of decisions that affect the environment I teach (or lead) in. A few weeks ago, I was asked by Rae Pica of Bam Radio to participate in a discussion [...]

We play hospital in preschool

The children have been checking out medical supplies in their continuing exploration of community helpers... In our activity boxes, we set out a variety of first aid supplies as well as toy medical tools for the children to play with... As I observed the children at play, I noticed that many of the children liked taking turns being the doctor and the patient. We had some expert medical staff here! I overheard the children debating [...]

P is for potato head in preschool

This week the children had fun making potato heads.... In the block center the children played with some potato heads... Here are a few more of the potato head masterpieces I found hanging up in the classroom... For more activities to do with potatoes click on the links below.... Growing Potatoes from Polwig Play Dough People and Potato Masher Art from House of Baby Piranha Scrubbing potatoes from The Adventure of Bear Potato printing from The Toby [...]

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Postcard exchange 2011 update

For those of you who are participating in the current postcard exchange, let me share a few updates that I have received by email and on facebook. There are many of you who are really moving along and sending out your postcards! I am so excited about your participation and have enjoyed the feedback and photos sent to me. The photos shared here today are from Tuggy Tots! I have recieved a few [...]

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R is for rice in preschool

The children were exploring the letter "R" by gluing rice on the red letter... By gluing on the rice, the children are able to draw the connection of the sound of the letter "R" to something familiar, something they will remember, and something they can feel... The "R" shape was precut for the children so they could focus on the gluing experience and the texture experience... Rice is such a fun medium to explore... See [...]

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We played fire station in preschool

We provided fire station activity boxes for our continuing study of community helpers. I shared the idea of making our own fire stations from a post I read at No Time for Flashcards... Along with the fire stations we set out some fire trucks and then added some waffle blocks to extend the play a little more.... The children liked having all the garage door openings to drive through and they made lots of "whirring [...]

A not so perfect preschool teacher’s valentine poem

As a preschool teacher I am not always perfectly great... I sometimes plan things to do That are not considered age appropriate... And sometimes I spend too much time planning for every minute of the day... Instead of giving my students more time To learn through their play... And sometimes I talk too much When I really should stop and listen... And sometimes I get too busy Instead of giving the kids my attention... But [...]

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