Learning about Martin Luther King Jr. in preschool

Today was Martin Luther King Day and we took the opportunity to explore concepts such as kindness, peace, speeches, and dreams. I had the opportunity to go to several of our classes today and share this video with the children. I liked how the video talked about MLK in a very simple way. It shares some of his childhood and touches on some of the hardships and success MLK had in his life. The children [...]

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At play with baby: bouncing balls

A big ball, medium ball, and a small ball too... A red ball, yellow ball, and one the color blue... What can Clara do with three balls on the ground? She can push them, and follow them, and roll them around! The small ball is soft... The red ball is bumpy... The blue ball is smooth... The balls are no longer sitting on the ground but Clara found them as she looked all around!

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Making colorful and scented rice for preschool

When I get started on something - I just keep going until I have exhausted all the ideas I can come up with or until all my dishes are dirty or until I run out of supplies - which ever comes first. This week, I worked on making colored rice to use for a variety of projects and sensory activities. I don't yet have a plan as to when I will use the rice, but [...]

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Messing around with the color brown in preschool

As part of our color review week, the children tried out a little brown finger painting but instead of using brown paint, they used chocolate pudding. After mixing up a bowl of chocolate pudding, they dipped their fingers in the pudding and began making brown pudding prints on a piece of paper... To this point I noticed that the children were treating this process much as they would any other finger painting process. The main [...]

Ice play in preschool

Today, we enjoyed a little ice play. Sometimes the simplest of ideas can be the most enjoyable for young children. The teacher in this class set out a bowl of ice with some cups, smaller bowls, and spoons... The children scooped the ice from one container to the other... And some children used their hands to pick up ice cubes.... What makes an activity like this so successful is that it is truly all about [...]

The things that go on in our preschool classroom

Because most of my articles only focus on one activity at a time, it may look like there is nothing else going on in the classroom. So today, I wanted to show you how there are lots of things going on all at the same time... Each day, our teachers follow a lesson plan that includes a set of structured activities - these activities are often the ones I share with you. But through out [...]

What’s you’re social media personality?

Exchange magazine published an article in the January/February, 2011 edition titled, "What's you're social media personality?" written by early childhood professionals, Fran Simon and Chip Donohue PhD.  In order to actually read this article you would need a subscription to the magazine so I will give you just a few of the highlights... Fran and Chip identify 5 "social media personality" types: The resistor The intimidated The personal user The tester The expert For each [...]

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Snowman and mitten activity boxes for preschool

Our activity boxes this week consisted of snowmen and mittens... In the snowman activity box we placed paper plate snowmen shapes and small felt cut-outs for the childrern to add as buttons, eyes, nose, scarves... The snowman activity boxes (just as we do each week) were then placed on classroom shelves for the children to select from this week during their free play time in centers. I happened to catch this little girl while she [...]

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Snowflake puzzles in preschool

There are lots of snowflake ideas out there and at the end of this post, I have collected a few links to other ideas that I would love to try. But first, let me share with you this simple snowflake puzzle we made this past week. The PreK children in this class were given a printout of a snowflake (I do not have a copy of this printout), some blue construction paper, scissors, and glue [...]

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We made paper plate snowmen globes in preschool

No Time for Flashcards is always such an inspiration to me and where possible, I share her ideas with our teachers so we can try them too! This week, our Pre-K classes borrowed Ali's snowman - snowflake craft idea! We gathered up... Small and large paper plates (with a small circle cut out of the center of the plate) Foil cupcake liners Red ribbon Construction paper shapes for the face and hat Googly eyes or sticker [...]

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