Add the picture after you frame it up in preschool

Today, the kindergarten class tried out our new window markers….

Only we didn’t use them on the windows  – instead we used them on the glass cover of a picture frame…

In some of the picture frames, we inserted pre-drawn shapes like circles or dots or even a house and the children drew over the shapes on the glass…

In other frames we left the white paper background blank so the children could just draw freely…

I thought trying the picture frames would be a nice twist to the use of window markers and learned a few things along the way…

Like it is easier to clean the glass frames if you use a baby wipe or a slightly damp paper towel. If you get it too wet it runs all over the place…

And if you buy too cheap of frames like I did, the glass starts to slide around a bit but that really didn’t keep us from enjoying the process. I got my frames at target for $1.

The children liked having a variety of backgrounds in the frames to use as a starter drawing…

Both boys and girls equally participated and took their time with their drawings…

The crayon version of the window markers gets all over your hands after a bit of heavy coloring but washes off easily with soap and water…

The children liked that you could prop up your frame for display after they finished coloring…

The colors were bright and vibrant and the children had a really good time with this idea…

I purchased the window markers, window crayons, and the frames all from Target….

To see how these actually work on windows – check out this post by The Artful Parent!


  1. danya says

    I like the idea, BUT, this sounds a bit dangerous. The glass in cheap picture frames is, well, very cheap. It’s thin (so easily broken), and not shatter-proof (so breaks into dangerous shards). If you could get picture frames with plastic or perspex, then awesome! Otherwise, maybe better to stick to the windows where the glass is thicker…

    • Deborah J. Stewart says

      Good points Danya – we talked with the Kindergarten children about how to handle the glass gently and they did a remarkable job:)

  2. jennifer d says

    I ‘ve placed a mirror I bought at the op shop with white board markers and the ends had the sponge so the children could wipe their picture away when they had finished or if they wanted to start a new drawing….If you wanted to keep any of the pictures you could probably photo copy it….

  3. says

    What a cute idea. I’ve used “adult-sized” frames to do this for myself–but didn’t think of “child-sized” before. You are brave to use glass–but when you discuss things first, children can be very responsible–especially when it is a super fun activity. I’m not sure if these crayons/markers or even dry-erase markers work on plexi-glass. Does anyone else know?

    • Deborah J. Stewart says

      I haven’t tried dry erase markers – I will have to do that and see what happens.

  4. says

    I wonder if it would work with dry erase markers too? The only thing keeping me from running to Target and getting those frames is the glass. My daycare kids are younger and I’d hate for a frame to drop and have broken glass on the floor. :o(

    • Deborah J. Stewart says

      We made sure the children kept the frames at the table and they stayed pretty focused on their coloring. I think they understood, due to being kindergarten age, that this was not a toy to be rough with. I think it is a wise idea to consider what would be best for your students!

  5. says

    Wish I thought of this 10 years ago! My kids always get these window markers for Christmas. The larger workspace on the window makes for a messier clean up ; ) I will definitely include the glass frame with the markers! Thanks!

    • Deborah J. Stewart says

      We can’t use the windows at our school for drawing so I thought the frames would be a nice alternative:)

  6. says

    This is a super idea! I’ve seen inexpensive frames at Ikea that have plexi, rather than glass. I wonder if those would work? I’m due to pick up some new tea candles, so I guess I’ll give it a try!!

  7. says

    Loved this idea…it´s great for all Preschool Teachers worldwide…Continue bringing us your fantastic work..I posted a link at my Facebook Group: ESL/EFL Preschool Teachers.