Exploring groundhog day in preschool

We made a few work boxes for Groundhog Day that we are planning to use tomorrow. But since there is a snowstorm going on right now, it looks like we may not have school tomorrow... This first work box is to work on a little eye-hand coordination and some pretend play. The clothespins are our groundhogs and the construction paper covered cups are our holes in the ground. This next work box is a shadow [...]

O is for Octopus in preschool

A drawback to being an administrator in a preschool program is that often times I have to actually "administrate" and when I do, it pulls me away from the classroom. So when this happens, I often only get to see what the children made after they are finished rather than while they are in the process. I still thought I would show you some of the terrific things our preschoolers made during our letter "O" week... The [...]

N is for newspaper in preschool

This week, we used the newspaper in a variety of ways to help us explore the letter N... The newspaper is a great way to explore letters and numbers and other language and literacy concepts. We laminated one large page from the newspaper to search for letters and numbers... We searched for titles and talked about some of the different parts of the newspaper such as the headline! We looked at the graphics on the [...]

Activities to promote development and Deborah in the News

I had the opportunity to be on Fox 59 Morning News! I was pretty nervous and we had to move so fast that I couldn't remember what I wanted to say! LOL!  I wasn't able to actually get a copy of the video so I taped it from my daughter's television so I could share this with everyone:) I have blogged about some of the activities I show in the newsclip - you can see [...]

Fun with colorful bubble science in kindergarten

As I have mentioned many times before, I love all the ideas you can find on other blogs but there are times that I will read an idea but not really give it a chance. Sometimes, it isn't that the children aren't ready to try something new or different - the problem is that we as teachers aren't always ready to try something new or different. I can't tell you how many times I have [...]

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Add the picture after you frame it up in preschool

Today, the kindergarten class tried out our new window markers.... Only we didn't use them on the windows  - instead we used them on the glass cover of a picture frame... In some of the picture frames, we inserted pre-drawn shapes like circles or dots or even a house and the children drew over the shapes on the glass... In other frames we left the white paper background blank so the children could just draw [...]

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Really cute but not so fun in preschool

Last week, I visited a class that was making doves as part of their study of peace and MLK. As I observed this class, it was clear to both the teacher and I that this project was a cute idea on paper but pretty worthless when it came to process... That's the tricky thing about selecting activities for preschoolers to do. What may seem like an idea that fits perfectly with your theme and may [...]

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Using trays in the preschool classroom

In some of our classes, the teachers like to use trays to help with classroom management or organization... Trays can provide children with their own work space... Trays can help contain lots of pieces... Trays can be set up to invite different kinds of play, exploration, or creativity... Often times, teachers will use a tray system to give guidance or set limits when the need seems to be present... Trays can be useful for many [...]

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Labeling your baskets and shelves in preschool

Part of setting up a child-centered classroom is taking the time to organize materials so that children can easily find where they belong. One way to help keep the classroom organized is to add labels to the baskets. Adding labels with the words clearly printed on them also helps to promote the print-rich environment. Where possible, it is also a good idea to add pictures of the items that are in each basket to your [...]

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Parent involvement in early literacy is the key to academic success

Parent involvement in early literacy is the key to academic success by Dr. Erika Burton of Stepping Stones Together Early childhood education sets the stage for future academic achievement. Whether you choose a pre-school setting, home school your child, or a combination of both exposure and parent modeling of literacy skills before, during and after the preschool years is essential. Research A study conducted last spring in over 27 countries and over 20 years confirmed that [...]