We made marshmallow snowmen in preschool

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on December 17, 2010

in Creative Art, snowman, Winter Art

After our Thanksgiving feast, we ended up with tons of marshmallows left over and they were starting to go stale. So instead of throwing them all away, we decided they would be perfect for making marshmallow snowmen.

The children caught on to this idea very easily. They each started by tracing three circles on a sheet of blue construction paper. In some of the classes, the children traced their own circles. In the younger classes, the teachers had the circles already traced on the paper.

Next the children outlined the circles with glue. In some classes, the children used a glue bottle and squeezed a line of glue on the circles. Learning to control the flow of glue from a glue bottle and to trace lines at the same time with a glue bottle takes a lot of practice. Clearly these children have been given plenty of opportunity to practice this skill!

In another class, the children used glue bottles and brushes to brush the glue on the paper…

After adding the glue, the children began to put marshmallows on the glue…

I noticed that the children who used brushes tended to also fill the center of the snowmen with marshmallows…

Where the ones who used glue bottles tended to only create the outline of the snowmen with their marshmallows. Hmmm, interesting!

Many of the children who outlined their snowmen with the marshmallows also added eyes, nose, and other features with a marker…

Although we used glue to put the marshmallows on the paper, one teacher said you can also lick the bottom of the marshmallow or get it wet with water to make it stick to the paper. I haven’t tried that!

While I was taking photos, one group of children asked me to take a picture of their hands on top of the marshmallows. How could I resist?

Thank you to Kiboomu for sharing this idea on their blog! We loved it!

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