At play with baby: shiny paper

What is baby Clara doing today? She’s getting ready for the holidays! Paper red, silver, and gold… This paper feels a little bit cold! Cut the paper into small pieces and stick to laminating paper... And Clara can explore some more! See what Clara’s mommy made with all that shiny paper… As with anything you do with babies - always monitor what they do and don't let them eat the paper!

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A very special award for Teach Preschool

I recently won the Edublog award for the Best Individual Tweeter. I really don't know much about this award but I do know that it was an award given to me by my peers and followers and that makes it a very special blessing. Over the past year, I have had the privilege of meeting so many wonderful people who are all involved in early childhood education. Here are a few others that I have [...]

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We made Santa in preschool!

We made all kinds of Santas this past month. I wasn't able to catch all the action but I did catch some... These little ones colored a paper bag with red markers... Then the glued on construction paper eyes and a hat... And added cotton balls for Santa's beard and one for the tip of the hat too... Here are a few more Santa crafts...

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We made marshmallow snowmen in preschool

After our Thanksgiving feast, we ended up with tons of marshmallows left over and they were starting to go stale. So instead of throwing them all away, we decided they would be perfect for making marshmallow snowmen. The children caught on to this idea very easily. They each started by tracing three circles on a sheet of blue construction paper. In some of the classes, the children traced their own circles. In the younger classes, [...]

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Cookies for Santa cookbook

Our Kindergarten class made these wonderful "Cookies for Santa" cookbooks to give their parents as a Christmas gift. We happened to have a bunch of brown hot pads in a box that was supposed to be used for another project last year but never did. So our kindergarten teacher, Mrs. R., decided they would make great book covers. Mrs. R worked very hard on designing the process for making this parent gift so that the [...]

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Working on weaving in preschool

I have learned so much from others since I started Teach Preschool. I am always amazing at the creativity of all the other bloggers out there and I am constantly sharing the ideas I read about with the teachers and children from my school. As I continue the process of setting up classrooms, I want to add fresh ideas for play in the centers/shelves. I have seen the idea of weaving all throughout blog land [...]

The child-centered classroom: shelves

As a general rule, when I set up classrooms, I find that it is most helpful to make sure that shelves face the area that you want the children to play... For example, if I have a shelf with art supplies on it (an art center) then I will set the shelf up near a table or facing the table that the items on the shelf should be played with. When it comes to selecting [...]

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We made Christmas tree paper pillows in preschool

This simple Christmas tree was made by our four year olds. The children started by coloring and decorating two green construction paper Christmas tree shapes. Next, they stapled the two trees together leaving a little hole for stuffing... Next, the children gathered two tissues and wadded them up... And then the children stuffed the tissue into the open end of the tree... Once the tissue was inside the tree, the remaining hole was stapled closed... [...]

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