L is for lion in preschool


The children are exploring the letter L this week and today, this class made lions! The children started out with a construction paper circle then added a construction paper mouth, nose, and two googly eyeballs… Once they had their facial features added, the children brushed the edge of the paper circle with a thick layer […]

I am giving away the versatile blogger award to…


I have been so busy that I am a bit behind on sharing awards that were so thoughtfully given to me by my fellow bloggers. So without further ado – let me proudly accept the Versatile Blogger award given to me by Montessori Tidbits! When a blogger gives another blogger an award – it usually […]

We made a shapely Santa in preschool


While having fun with holiday arts and crafts, we also used the opportunity to review our shapes… We reviewed triangles and circles by making a Santa puppet from construction paper… The children simply added a triangular shaped hat, some eyeballs… Some of the children really like those eyeballs… And of course, we added cotton balls […]

A very special award for Teach Preschool


I recently won the Edublog award for the Best Individual Tweeter. I really don’t know much about this award but I do know that it was an award given to me by my peers and followers and that makes it a very special blessing. Over the past year, I have had the privilege of meeting […]