Holiday activity boxes for preschool play

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on December 2, 2010

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One of the most invaluable employees in our preschools is our curriculum coordinator. She has a huge responsibility and is amazing at her job.  One of her many jobs is to create and prepare what we call mini- “centers” or they could be referred to as “work boxes” or as “activity boxes”.

Mrs. F is given the master lesson plans and then essentially brings them to life. She usually prepares the activity work boxes two to three weeks in advance and then takes them to each school and places them on the classroom shelves.

This set of activity boxes are all focused on the holiday season. The first box contains a set of holiday cookie cutters and ink stamps.  The children can make holiday prints on paper with the materials. The children will be able to select from each of the boxes throughout the week and create or play with the items in the boxes during their free-play time in centers.

The second box contains a variety of holiday gift wrap paper for cutting practice. The children have scissors in their classroom and will be given the opportunity to cut up the gift wrap any way they choose.

The third box contains foam shaped Christmas trees and various colors of garland. The children can use the garland to decorate the trees…

Make patterns…

Or make shapes…

The fourth activity box contains holiday boxes and bows.

Each box has a number on it. The children can count out the correct number of bows and place them on the box or they can just play with the boxes and bows as they wish…

These boxes will go into the classrooms next week and stay in the classrooms for approximately one to two weeks depending on how much the children enjoy playing with them. Then a new set of activity boxes will be rotated into the classroom for some new types of play!

Then Mrs. F. will collect the boxes and put the materials that can be used again away for another day!

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