The child centered classroom: Adding things to do

I have been writing about setting up classrooms over the past few weeks and so far I talked a little bit about setting up furniture and selecting baskets for your shelves. Once you have your baskets, you will certainly need to decide what will go into the baskets. What goes into each basket depends on [...]

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We made more lions in preschool

This class has also been exploring the letter L and they made lions too! The teacher started out by showing the children how to draw a lion face... Then the children began drawing their own lion faces on orange construction paper circles... I am a huge advocate for modeling drawing and writing skills for children [...]

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L is for lion in preschool

The children are exploring the letter L this week and today, this class made lions! The children started out with a construction paper circle then added a construction paper mouth, nose, and two googly eyeballs... Once they had their facial features added, the children brushed the edge of the paper circle with a thick layer [...]

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We made a shapely Santa in preschool

While having fun with holiday arts and crafts, we also used the opportunity to review our shapes... We reviewed triangles and circles by making a Santa puppet from construction paper... The children simply added a triangular shaped hat, some eyeballs... Some of the children really like those eyeballs... And of course, we added cotton balls [...]

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