The turkeys came in disguise to our preschool Thanksgiving feast

These turkeys all came to our Thanksgiving feast in disguise…

I'm not a turkey - I'm just a pile of leaves!
I'm not a turkey - I'm just a kid!
I'm not a turkey - I play for the Indianapolis Colts!
I'm not a turkey - Ho! Ho! Ho!
I'm not a turkey - I'm Batman!
I'm not a turkey - I'm an elephant!
I'm not a turkey - I'm a peacock!

Thank you to all the teachers and students who created these amazing characters – I sure wish I could find where that pesky turkey went!


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    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog. Those turkeys turned out really well! We did the same kind of craft yesterday, and my son made me (orange tshirt, sweatpants and all!) lol I’ll be posting it at the end of November…Happy Thanksgiving!