Show and Tell day in preschool

I had the opportunity to observe these children as they participated in Show-and-Tell Day! The children started out by getting the toy or item they brought and joining everyone in the circle... The children then placed the toys behind their back while they waited for their turn to share with the group... The teacher calls each child to the front of the room and let's them show their toy to the rest of the class... [...]

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Bam Radio interview: Are learning styles real in preschool?

"Is the Concept of Multiple Learning Styles Real or Bogus?" was the latest title of the Bam Radio show that I had the opportunity to participate in. As a commentator for the Bam radio show, I am asked to listen to the experts share their perspectives and see if I can somehow add to the conversation. This week, the guest experts were Harvey F. Silver, EdD and Bruce Deitrick Price. The discussion was on the [...]

Making centerpieces for our Thanksgiving feast

Our thanksgiving feast is only a few days away and we are almost all ready to go. We have already made our hats, invitations, and menu, and place mats! Today I want to show you some our table centerpieces... This class made little turkeys out of paper cups! And this class made paper cup turkeys too! This class made Indian corn from paper tissue tubes. This class is in the process of finishing their Indian corn centerpieces! [...]

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Give the gift of music and language learning to your preschoolers

No Time Like the Present: How and Why to Give the Gift of Language Learning to Your Child(ren) Written by my special guest Carolina Gomez. Learning a language is enriching at any age, but it is more challenging when we are adults. Children are the ones who benefit the most simply because there is a special window of opportunity for learning where everything happens in a very natural process. Children are curious about the world around them, [...]

Painting with Indian corn in preschool

The two year olds were enjoying this simple fall painting experience... Paper plates filled with yellow, orange, and green paint were set out... The children rolled the corn cobs in the paint... Then they rolled the painted corn on a piece of paper... The children in this class do a lot of painting. I think this is partly why they are so comfortable getting paint all over their hands... They took their time to paint, [...]

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Making place mats for our Thanksgiving feast in preschool

As part of our preparation for our thanksgiving feast, we have made all kinds of place mats. Each teacher has selected a different design for their children to make. This class made turkeys by drawing around their foot and cutting it out of brown construction paper. The children glued their paper foot onto their place mat first... Then they glued little colorful squares to their place mats to create feathers... There were lots of other [...]

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Making hats for our Thanksgiving feast

The children are preparing their hats for our Thanksgiving feast so they can come to the feast all dressed up! We have our pilgrim hats and bonnets... And for our guests, the children have prepared their own Indian headbands... See the instructions to make similar pilgrim hats made by Naturally Educational. See this post for more Indian costume ideas from I Can Teach My Child.

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Making invitations for our Thanksgiving feast in preschool

The children are preparing for a thanksgiving feast at our school. They started by making these turkey hand print invitations. The parents are invited to come in and join the children for the big day... We used fall colors to paint each child's hand... The palm of the hand is painted brown and the fingers are each a different color for the turkey feathers... After the hand is painted, then the child makes a print [...]

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We made paper plate turkeys in preschool

Our classes are in full turkey mode and today these children made a simple paper plate turkey. The teacher set out some construction paper squares, half a paper plate, and a construction paper turkey body for the children to put together... Other than saying "Let's make a turkey today!" the teacher did not give any additional instructions. Most of the children started by gluing their turkey bodies on the paper plate first... Then the children [...]

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