Meet the experts in early childhood education:English Language Learners

If there is one thing I can tell you that I love - it is finding others who are dedicated to the field of early childhood education and who are willing to share their expertise through social networking. There are so many different kinds of experts in early childhood education. I consider myself more of a grass roots/front line kind of expert. I spend a great deal of time in the early childhood classroom observing [...]

Making Christmas gifts in preschool

I posted this on my old blog and wanted to repost this here. These are some Christmas gifts my daughter made when she was little and some suggestions for you to keep in mind as you consider what your preschoolers can make as Christmas gifts this year.... Photos are always treasured Hanging on my tree are many ornaments that my daughter, now age 23, made when she was little. The one above is a photo [...]

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Get informed about early childhood education degree programs

Early Childhood Education Degree Programs: What are Your Options? By Brian Jenkins What types of early childhood education programs are available? Many colleges and universities offer accredited undergraduate and graduate degree programs in the subject. You may also have the option of obtaining a professional certificate at certain schools. Programs are available both on-campus and online. The preferred degree depends on your selected area of early childhood education. Let's take a look at the various programs [...]

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We made spilt milk in preschool

  The book titled "It Looked Like Spilt Milk" by Charles G. Shaw has always been one of my favorite books to share in preschool. Today, the children read the book then we made spilt milk pictures... In one of our classes, the children used a bottle filled with white paint to make their pictures. The children simply squirted the paint onto the paper. I think the paint had been watered down a bit... This [...]

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A little milky science in preschool

I have seen many bloggers post this simple activity to try with milk and we finally got the opportunity to try it out in our school... First, you need to gather some milk, food coloring, cotton swabs, and dish washing liquid. Then begin by pouring the milk into a wide, shallow container. Next, carefully add drops of food color in strategic places around your dish of milk. Add the drops carefully so they don't splatter [...]

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It’s Thanksgiving Day!

We finally wrapped up our big Thanksgiving feast at preschool the other day and it was such a fun day! At our school feast the children and teachers set the tables... Decorated the walls with the many things they had made... Put on their pilgrim hats... Gave their parent guests the hats they prepared for them... And sat with their families to enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving meal... I hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving [...]

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We made turkey wreaths in kindergarten

The kindergarten class made these fun turkey wreaths the other day and I got to pitch in for a bit and help out! They started out with a simple paper plate... Then they traced their own foot on brown construction paper... And cut them out... Next they traced and cut out a waddle, a beak, and turkey toes... Then glued it all to their paper plate... Then it was time to add the colorful feather [...]

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Making lid soup at home with a two year old

I had a surprise visit from little Wy this week and we needed something to do so I set out the little table and chairs I keep in my office and a basket of dishes for us to play with... Wy set out all the dishes and that is when I realized that we need something more to do than just set a table so I pulled out my plastic jar where I have been [...]