G is for gumdrops in pre-kindergarten

Yesterday, I shared with you how the children enjoyed making AB patterns with gumdrops for the letter "Gg" week in pre-kindergarten. Another activity the pre-kindergarten children loved was making gumdrop sculptures and designs... The teacher set out a bunch of gumdrops and toothpicks.  Other than showing the children how they can connect two gumdrops together with the toothpicks, there were no other instructions involved. The children just went to work... It was such a pleasure [...]

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Patterning with gumdrops in pre-kindergarten!

I have to say out of all the things I have observed the children do over the past several months, Gumdrop Day was one of the most successful and fun days for me to observe and for the pre-kindergarten children to enjoy!  This post is part one of our Gumdrop Day - tomorrow will be part 2! There was some concern that the Pre-k children would be more interested in eating the gumdrops rather than [...]

Make a fall leaf turkey in preschool

Today was a beautiful fall day here! It was windy with a little chill in the air but bright and sunny. And the leaves were falling everywhere.  I think because of the leaf exchange I participated in, I am extremely aware of every leaf I see on the ground right now:-) Every time I see a pretty leaf, my mind swirls with ideas of activities we could do in preschool. But the leaves wont stay [...]

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We made doggies in preschool

This doggy project was more about using our listening ears and organizing our materials than it was a project for creative art although there was some creativity involved as well. Each of the children were given precut pieces of construction paper to put together their own dog for the Letter of the Week - The letter D. The teacher had made a dog ahead of time so the children could visualize how all these pieces [...]

We made pumpkin suncatchers in preschool

Mrs. R's kindergarten class made these terrific pumpkins which make wonderful suncatchers! What you will need.... Plastic plate so the pumpkin can be easily removed from the plate after it dries. Orange and black tissue paper Watered down glue Paint brushes How the students made it... The children began by coating a plastic plate with a layer of the watered down glue... Then the children placed orange tissue paper squares on top of the glue. [...]

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Participating in a preschool leaf exchange

One of the wonderful things about online networking in early childhood education is the chance to participate in unique activities like a leaf exchange... I hadn't really thought about how not every state has a true fall season like we do here in Indiana. The leaf exchange is designed to share leaves that are common in your home state with others from other states. A common leaf that can be found in the state of [...]

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Crunchy leaf science and math in preschool

The trees in my back yard are all starting to change colors. I live in the middle of the woods so finding an ample supply of fall leaves is not a problem... Fall leaves lend themselves to wonderful opportunities for scientific discovery. For every science activity, I like to start with a question... How long does it take for the leaves to get crunchy? Go outside and gather a bag full of leaves. Seal them [...]

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We made friendly Halloween ghosts in preschool

There are so many different symbols that represent Halloween that are fun to make. I like to keep everything as friendly as possible in the process of letting children have fun with Halloween. The children in the kindergarten class started out by tracing a ghost shape onto black construction paper then they cut the ghost shapes out. Next, the children took cotton balls and pulled the fibers apart to spread the cotton balls out a [...]

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Who has come to preschool today?

Part of the morning greeting routine in this two year old class includes a creative way to take attendance. On the wall the teacher has two large laminated poster boards. One of the poster boards says "Our Class." All the children's names are on this board when they arrive to school each day. The other poster board says "I Am Here Today." Both of the poster boards have Velcro dots on them and the children's names are [...]

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