Take a little car painting spin on this preschool highway

Add a little extra mileage onto car painting with this little transportation preschool activity…

We will be doing something like this is our school in a few weeks so you get a sneak preview! Gather up some black construction paper, white paint (or white chalk might work), scissors, and glue.

Invite the children to cut the black construction paper into squares and rectangles for the road. Then dab a little white paint down the center of each piece of the road. Give a minute to dry and then glue the road on a larger sheet of paper. Now get the cars ready to roll!

Dip a car into some paint and go for a drive on the road.. I started off with brown paint and then decided to throw in a few more colors.

I promise that I don’t normally drive like this!! But for me it was much more fun to drive off the road then to stay on it :-)


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    We just did car painting the last couple days! The boys, especially, loved it. I’ll be posting about it next week. I’ll have to try this way next time.

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    I think I may use the road idea with the cars in our blocks center. I like the car painting idea, but something about those black squares and rectangles just “shouts” blocks center.