The challenge of cooking in preschool

Cooking in preschool can be a challenging process - especially when you have 1 teacher to 10 three year olds. Every one wants a turn to stir, pour, crack an egg, and everyone wants to stick their finger in the batter no matter how many times they are told that they need to keep their hands on the outside of the bowl:) But even with all of these challenges, these brave teachers invest the time [...]

We made a circle collage in preschool

Our two and three year olds were focusing on the shape of a circle this week and one of their activities was to make a circle collage! Each of the children were given a round paper plate because of its circular shape to use as the canvas for their circle collage. The teacher had precut circles from a variety of materials including newspaper, tissue paper, and construction paper. The children selected circles from the table, [...]

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Going on an I spy walk in preschool

Our preschoolers loved this little I spy game! This activity was inspired by Nanette Sposito of Little Wonders Preschool. Nanette presented photos of an entire I-Spy theme of activities on Facebook that her class did over the summer and I just loved it. I created a little picture-checklist for the children to use as clues for what they needed to find in their I-Spy game. The teachers took the children around the school to see [...]

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We painted on bubble wrap in preschool

We have done many variations of this idea in the past and it is always a hit no matter how many times we combine the painting process with bubble wrap. Each of the children got their own sheet of bubble wrap. Some of the bubble wrap had tiny bubbles and some of the bubble wrap had big bubbles. While the children prepared to start their painting, they worked on popping some of those bubbles! One [...]

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Viewing our world through a colorful lens in preschool!

The children in this classroom have a very colorful view of their world! This classroom has the luxury of four large windows down low at child's eye view. I happened by the classroom the other day and noticed that the teacher placed see-through colored cellophane on the windows for the children to look through. There is an orange view... There is a yellow view... There is a purple view... And a red view... I had to see [...]

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We made bumblebees in preschool

I have found so many cute ideas on other blogs that I can't remember who shared what but somewhere along the way, I found this cute idea for bumblebees. We started out by gluing wax paper wings to our yellow construction paper bee bodies... Then we added a black construction paper head and some black construction paper stripes... Our stripes went all directions... Next up - we added some eyeballs... And finished off our bees [...]

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We made dinosaur feet in preschool

This week, the fours class focused on the letter 'D'. The children explored dinosaurs as part of the letter 'D' experience. To make dinosaur feet, the children started off by tracing and cutting out the shape of their own feet from a sheet of green construction paper... Next, the children glued their foot-shapes to a larger sheet of manila paper. My sample below shows brown construction paper triangles but the children added triangular shaped claws to [...]

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The letter of the week in preschool: presenting A and B

Each week, we focus on a letter of the week in our two and three year old classes. It isn't the only time we explore that specific letter but it is a time we give that letter a special introduction and a little special attention. There are many activities to use for creating letters and I like to use them all. One of my favorite activities is to glue something that actually sounds like that [...]

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Put a spark in your story time by Tammy Flowers

As an early childhood educator with a heart for literacy, I am inspired daily by the awe in a child’s eyes as they lose themselves in a simple storybook.  As the pages are flipped, we naturally alter our voice to make magical characters come to life; seizing the attentions of even the squirmiest child and enrapturing their curiosity for the written word. As you read my intro, maybe you’re asking yourself, “Have I ever seen [...]

Play dough nature printing in preschool

Today is National Play-Doh day! Shara Lawrence Wiess of Early Childhood News and Resources is great about remembering special or unique holidays and this one of them - be sure to see all her ideas here! I was trying to come up with something different to do with play-dough and my brother suggested that I try some nature printing. I didn't have any play-dough on hand so I borrowed a recipe from Polwig and made [...]