All about me: I am special in preschool

Today I visited a twos class and on the table, I noticed there was a big hand mirror…

I “hinted” to the teacher that I happen to know a fun song we could sing with this cool mirror.  The teacher sweetly invited me to share the song with her class.  I sang with the children first, then handed the mirror to the teacher. The teacher continued the song with her young students while I looked on.

Tune: Frere Jacques

I am Special

I am Special

Look at me!

Look at me!

I am very special.

I am very special.

Look at me,

Look at me!

We changed the song up a bit and added different feeling words so the children could make different faces as they looked in the mirror (I am sad – I am happy – I am mad). It was so fun because the children would try to frown or look mad but when they looked into the mirror they could not help but give a big smile:) Too sweet!

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  1. Laura says

    We are doing our I Am Special theme this week and our kids love this song! We have a stage outside and they took turns singing solos!

  2. Pamela Spann says

    Perfect! I used this idea today after reading aloud The Important Book and Another Important Book by Margerate Wise Brown. The students loved the song and looked in the mirror that is at the end of Another Important Book. We also used each child’s name in the song as each looked in the mirror. Thanks!

  3. says

    Thanks for linking up with the Play Academy with another great idea. We have some mirror doors on a wardrobe which you can open against each other so you can create a circle of reflections of yourself (if you know what I mean!) – my daughter then gets a whole choir of herself to sing and dance with! Hope you’ll come and share again next week. Cathy

  4. says

    I love this activity and would love to share it (with a link to you, of course) on my website (, where we share products and activities for preschool-aged kids and their parents. We are doing a theme on feelings next week, so the timing in getting this post was perfect!