The first day back to preschool

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on August 30, 2010

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The schools I work with are full day and year around so it may seem like there wouldn’t be a first day back to school but for our students, there truly is and I enjoyed observing some of the children throughout the day.

Each of our students promoted to their new class today. They celebrated their new teacher and new experience in preschool. This little boy wanted to share with me the certificate he received from his new teacher. He is very excited to be in the big kid class!

Click for Certificate

Since my job is to support the staff at our school, I get the awesome chance to observe children at three different schools. I only made it to two of them today. The children were in high gear. Energy was bursting and teachers were taking the excitement of their new young children in stride.

There were all kinds of basic skills being introduced to the children. The overall theme of the day was of course, Back to School. These children were matching school buses. I overheard the teacher using such a patient voice as she guided the children through the game. I know from experience that it is hard to go from having an older age group of children to a very young new group overnight. You have to adjust your expectations, your planning, and your curriculum to meet the children where they are at.

As I looked around each class, what struck me was that there were no fireworks, no bells and whistles, but instead every thing was relaxing, loving, and very preschool.

As I walked in the door, the children in this class announced, “We are making schools!” How fun that something so simple is so meaningful to them.

As I walked through the hall, one little boy said to me, “When I turn five I get to watch Starwars!” The children were keenly aware that they had entered into a new stage of their school experience whether they were two, three, four, or even almost Starwars age eligible – the big five!

So what else did we do in preschool?

We sang…

We  explored…

We played…

We made friends…

I caught these children in the middle of making school buses. We do have a small bus but most of the kids are brought to school by their parents but it didn’t matter. Going to preschool means you have to make a school bus!!

We Painted…

We glued…

We chatted with our friends…

We listened to our very sweet teacher…

And we used our own ideas of how many people should fit on our double decker yellow school bus!

Yes, it was a great first day back to preschool. I can’t wait to see all the growth and development we all have in store ahead!

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