Dry-erase board activities for preschool

A dry erase board and dry erase markers lend themselves to some great guided learning activities as well as the opportunity to color and create…

Gather your materials…

I like these dry erase markers because the eraser is on one end and the marker is at the other end…

This is a dry erase sentence strip…

This is a dry erase pad of paper….

This is a dry erase easel…

These are small dry erase lap-sized boards…

And this is a dry erase board on my wall…

Print, Trace, and Erase!

You can begin by printing a color-word, or a name, letter, number, or a shape on your dry-erase canvas. For older preschoolers, you can invite them to do their own printing.

Now invite a child to participate….

Can you find and erase the letter T?
Try to trace the word Red!

Can you draw a red circle?
Can you erase the orange circle?
How many circles do you see? What colors are they?
Close your eyes and I will erase one... Now tell me, which circle is missing?
Can you find and erase the letter C?

Make sure you place your dry erase boards in a place where children can easily reach them and use them.

Remember that nice, large dry erase board above that I have on my wall?  Well it is actually on a wall up high in my office with the dry erase markers sitting on a shelf below it.  Wy (my toddler-aged nephew) decided to have a go at the dry erase markers and here is what he wrote…

Wy's Toddler Printing

But unfortunately it is not on the dry erase board – this lovely art is on the wall just below it!

Did you know that there are Dry Erase Crayons available now too?

I would love to hear your comments:)


  1. says

    Dry erase boards and markers are a blast. The only problem I ran into was the fact that most of them are permanent. At Walmart, I found washable dry erase markers, from Expo. Do you have any other suggestions? I bought 5 little dry erase boards (meant for lockers) and the kids love them!!

  2. says

    These are great ideas, Deborah. I never thought about “tracing” with the eraser. Good skill-building idea.

    One thing that we discovered in my office – dry erase markers work on the large windows – and erase just as easily. I have some drawings and messages on my window right now from one of my young friends.

  3. says

    I like those markers with the eraser too. Very creative that you’ve used the eraser to “trace” the letters. Lefty’s can’t use the dry-erase markers very well because they erase as they write. I like wet-erase markers for that reason. You’ve come up with some very fun ideas.

  4. says

    Love the pens. I am not sure we can get those products here so it was good to see them. Hopefully I can get my mum to bring some over when she comes. I use markers a lot in the class – having the little erasers at the end would be fabulous. The crayons look fab too.

    • says

      I would love to send you samples of our dry erase products- even more fun to be had. My products are kid friendly and clean up with soap and water- I will also tell you the secrets to dry erase that no one talks about!
      Shoot me an address where to send samples to-
      Happy Holidays-julia@kleenslate.com

  5. says

    Great ideas! Thanks for sharing. My four year old loves to do dry erase activities when her older brother is using the dry-erase sentence strips to practice writing. I will be trying some of your ideas next time we pull out the dry erase supplies.

  6. says

    FANTASTIC ideas!!!! I just bought a set of dry erase crayons– love em! How would you like to have an unlimted access to a CRAYOLA factory? I’d like to be a tester for all their new products. And have you tried the DRY ERASE PAINT yet?! :)

  7. enoice says

    I have used both the markers and the crayons. I keep the creations the kids make on the boards and then copy them on a copier in order to document children’s progress and such. I like the crayons because they won’t rub off like markers do when I stack the boards to save their pictures. I have also used the boards as journals. Just give the kids a prompt and away they go. I always write on the board what they dictate to me.