Dry-erase board activities for preschool

by Deborah J. Stewart, M.Ed. on August 16, 2010

in Creative Art, Language Arts, Letter Recognition, Reading and Writing Readiness, Shapes and Colors

A dry erase board and dry erase markers lend themselves to some great guided learning activities as well as the opportunity to color and create…

Gather your materials…

I like these dry erase markers because the eraser is on one end and the marker is at the other end…

This is a dry erase sentence strip…

This is a dry erase pad of paper….

This is a dry erase easel…

These are small dry erase lap-sized boards…

And this is a dry erase board on my wall…

Print, Trace, and Erase!

You can begin by printing a color-word, or a name, letter, number, or a shape on your dry-erase canvas. For older preschoolers, you can invite them to do their own printing.

Now invite a child to participate….

Can you find and erase the letter T?

Try to trace the word Red!

Can you draw a red circle?

Can you erase the orange circle?

How many circles do you see? What colors are they?

Close your eyes and I will erase one... Now tell me, which circle is missing?

Can you find and erase the letter C?

Make sure you place your dry erase boards in a place where children can easily reach them and use them.

Remember that nice, large dry erase board above that I have on my wall?  Well it is actually on a wall up high in my office with the dry erase markers sitting on a shelf below it.  Wy (my toddler-aged nephew) decided to have a go at the dry erase markers and here is what he wrote…

Wy's Toddler Printing

But unfortunately it is not on the dry erase board – this lovely art is on the wall just below it!

Did you know that there are Dry Erase Crayons available now too?

I would love to hear your comments:)

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