Puffy ice cream cones in preschool

The children enjoyed the sensory experience as well as the creativity of making these puffy ice cream cones…

The teacher added some glue and food coloring to shave cream….

And then the children mixed it all together…

Each child chose the color they wanted to use for the topping of their ice cream cones…

They used plastic spoons to dip out the shave cream mixture and tap it on the paper cone.

The children absolutely loved the combination of the shave cream and food color. The teacher whipped up a second batch, without the glue, for the children just to play with. They loved the feel and the colors and it was a pleasure to watch them enjoy this experience….

In this class the teacher added glitter to the shave cream and food color. These children just enjoyed playing with the mixture…

It may look messy but it washed off very easily…

So I could go on and on because I have so many wonderful photos but you get the idea:)

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  1. Donna says

    What is the glue to shave cream ratio? How long does the mixture hold up? Looks good enough to eat!!!

    • says

      The children played with the mixture for about 35 minutes (give or take a few) and it held up well during that time and probably would have been fine for just a bit longer. The mixture dries over night and cannot really be reused. When it dries on the paper, it has a nice slick feel to it. The glue is about 1/4 cup glue to 1 cup shave cream. This is really just an estimate as the teachers actually squirted the shave cream in each bowl and then I saw them squirt the glue in and mix without any measuring.

  2. says

    I think I want to do this and talk about clouds! Maybe we can look at clouds in paintings and talk about color? Then kids can make their own colorful clouds.

    I love the texture you created with this. The ice cream cones are very cool!