Polk-a-dots and straws in preschool

This week, the children explored making polk-a-dots with straws.

Red, yellow, and blue paint was set out along with a straw in each paint.

The children dipped the end of the straws into the paint.

Then pressed the painted end of the straw on the paper.

New colors were added to the page as desired.

The amount of paint that was on the end of the straw determined how solid the polk-a-dots would be.

A simple process that the children enjoyed.

I just love Polk-A-Dots!

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  1. says

    I’m always trying to find different ways for my son to paint– he just turned 3.
    I guess he was a little bored with JUST doing the dots so he decided to draw a dinosaur and have it rain on him while turned the straw different ways. He had so much fun!

    Thanks for this great idea :) We had fun. Afterward- he wanted to do a hand print collage painting.