The block center came tumbling down

When I came into observe clean-up time, I happen to notice that the block center looked like this.. Oh my! But when I pulled out my camera to take a picture of the tumbling blocks, one little boy decided he wanted in on the action. So he began to stack the blocks. And then this little girl decided that this looked like fun too... And then another little girl joined in... And before long, we [...]

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Graphing and painting with oranges

When painting with objects, I always print the word of the object on the paper so the children can see that word as they participate in the activity. In this case the word is Orange. We cut an orange in half and used one of the halves for creating orange prints on our paper. For younger children, I just have them print all over the page as desired. For older children, I have them try [...]

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Let the sun shine in your preschool classroom

I enjoy coming in and observing the different ways each class puts their own spin on making a sun. In this class, the children painted their paper plates with yellow tempera paint mixed with salt to give a little sparkle and texture. After the paint dried, the children turned the plates over and added strips of orange and yellow crepe paper for the sun rays. I noticed that some of the children grouped their crepe [...]

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The child’s eye view of your early childhood classroom

What do your preschoolers see when they walk into your classroom? One of the best ways to find out is to look from the child's level. Go to the front door of your classroom, sit down low, and take a look! What do you see? Does your classroom look inviting, safe, and friendly from the child's eye view? Is there something out on the table, floor, or shelf that will capture a child's attention? Will [...]

Ribbon painting in preschool

One of the things I love most is to build an entire day around music or even build an entire day around one single preschool song. When I write songs, I am always visualizing the many amazing things that can be done with that song. Today I added the Ribbon Song to my fingerplay blog and in my mind I visualize children ribbon dancing, sorting ribbons by color, painting with ribbons, and comparing [...]

At play with baby: There is a baby in the bucket

Three colorful buckets Clara goes inside the bucket Clara goes outside of the bucket Clara goes on top of the bucket Clara goes under the bucket Where's Clara? There she is! Clara goes behind the orange bucket Clara goes behind the yellow bucket Clara goes behind the blue bucket Infant Lesson Plan You can find the words and tune to There's a Hole in the Bucket here! Tune in next Thursday for more infant activities! [...]

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