Making bubble prints in preschool

The children spent an entire week exploring bubbles. I happen to catch a few of the activities in action…

In the twos class, the teacher set out bowls of bubble solution mixed with yellow, blue, green, and red food coloring.

The teacher blew into one color of bubbles and once the bubbles were up high over the bowl…

The children would lift of the paper and place it on top of the bowl.

Then flip the paper over to see the results. This process was completed with each color of bubbles and in the end there was a beautiful design.

In the three’s and four’s class, the children dipped their bubble wands in the solution….

and blew the bubbles across the paper….

Trying to blow those bubbles took some practice at first!

After a little practice, the children did quite well with this process and I observed lots of giggles along the way!

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  1. says

    What wonderful, beautiful bubbles! I LOVE using bubbles in the classroom and the children always love everything to do with bubbles! This post reminds me that we haven’t done bubble printing in quite a long time…I think it’s about time!
    I also mentioned you (or technically the “Train Station” song) on my blog today- as we’ve been exploring vehicles and the children LOVE this song!