Craft stick painting with toddlers

Yesterday Wy and I tried a little kick box painting so while Wy was still in the mood, we tried a little craft stick painting too.

We gathered a handful of craft sticks, some paint, paper, and a box with a lid.

Wy dumped everything into the box and tapped on the paint cups to get the paint to drip down.

Wy, who is phobic about getting paint on his hands, actually even reached in to move the cups around. He forgot about the paint and just played.

Then Wy closed up the box. Since we had used this box before, Wy knew how to close it up all by himself.

Then Wy began to shake the box. Because the craft sticks made so much noise, Wy liked the sound and spent more time shaking the box (next time, I will use a smaller box so he can hold the box more easily).

When Wy was ready, we set the box down and opened it up.

And here is our masterpiece on the paper…

And check out our beautiful tye-dyed craft sticks.

I glued the craft sticks together so Wy could give them to his mommy for a gift:)


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    I love how the box is central to his painting projects Deborah – and that you are thinking outside the box (sorry, couldn’t resist) to get this little guy interested in painting.

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    The painted sticks look pretty and this activity is different in a fun way… kids would love to shake the box! Your blog is such a great resource of information! (i’ve just subscribed through email!)

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    This is terrific. I’ll bet my bigger kids would enjoy this, too. I love the colored craft sticks. Maybe we could paint them and then use them with our blocks to create buildings….