Preschoolers can serve their own lunch!

Today, I observed these preschoolers serving their own lunch. Let me begin by saying that the room was not quiet and there were a few dropped cups along the way (luckily all empty). Looking around, I saw children serving themselves in a orderly, considerate, and talkative manner. It was quite fun to be there with [...]

At play with baby: musical instruments

When baby Clara kicks the tambourine it goes "jingle, jingle!" When baby Clara kicks the maraca it goes "shake, shake!" The rhythm sticks go "tap, tap, tap!" "Jingle, jingle, shake, shake, tap, tap, tap!" I wander if Clara can go clap, clap, clap? See why reading to your baby is so important from Room to Grow: [...]

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Natures color wheel in preschool

I saw a color wheel at one of our schools recently where the class glued colorful plastic flowers on each section of the color wheel. It got me thinking why not use real flowers? We went on a little nature walk to find flowers and put them in a bag. Wy wasn't exactly sure why [...]

Exploring and creating with craft sticks in preschool

I cannot stress the following message enough... Before preschoolers are ready to be creative... They need time to explore the materials! When introducing new tools or art mediums to young children, they need time to explore what happens when they manipulate the items before they will be ready to create with the items. The art [...]

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Craft stick painting with toddlers

Yesterday Wy and I tried a little kick box painting so while Wy was still in the mood, we tried a little craft stick painting too. We gathered a handful of craft sticks, some paint, paper, and a box with a lid. Wy dumped everything into the box and tapped on the paint cups to [...]

Kick box painting with toddlers

My nephew Wy loves to kick balls, push cars, and color with markers but there is one thing that he really doesn't seem to like.... Wy doesn't like to paint. When Wy gets a little paint on his hands, he stops in his tracks and just stares like it is a disease. But unfortunately for [...]