Parachute play in preschool

Parachute play is a great way to promote teamwork and to get those large muscles moving. The children gather around the parachute and hold on to one of the parachute handles.  There are more children then there are handles on the parachute so the children who are not holding a handle become the ball fetchers. The balls are all placed in the center of the parachute and then the children begin to wave their arms [...]

Making props for the preschool program

Tonight I have been working on the props for our preschool program. One of the dances is called Caterpillar Conga and we wanted to have each boy be a part of the caterpillar. I am still choosing whether to have a polka-dotted caterpillar, circle caterpillar, or just plain green.  The boys are only three and they can hold the circles during the dance (we have practiced this). They will also have colorful knee socks on [...]

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Musical production in preschool

Each year, I have the privilege of directing a preschool musical at one of our local schools. I thought I would share a few tips about preparing preschoolers to sing or dance for their parents... To help the children know where to stand during the presentation, I mark the floor with colorful painters tape. Painter's tape is easily removed but don't leave it up too long (I remove after three to four weeks) or it can become really [...]

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Displaying toddler art

This isn't a new idea or even my idea but I wanted to document this idea in my blog because I think it is fabulous. I am often asked for activities that toddlers can do that will also be great to display. Sometimes this is referred to as "refrigerator art." I hesitate to focus too much on refrigerator art because first and foremost I want to express  how important it is to make sure the [...]

Farm week in preschool

The children in this class spent the week exploring all about the farm. They explored a variety of activities including how to create the form of a tractor out of shapes. For sensory, the children drove tractors in (and around) the dirt. The children discovered the feel and shape of lima beans. The children then added water to their lima beans and let them sit overnight to see what would happen next.  The next day, [...]

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Twos at the easel in preschool

In this twos classroom, easel painting is part of the daily routine. The children know how to get their own paint smock, slip it over their head, and then they head over to an open easel where paint, brushes, and paper is ready and waiting for them. Some days they paint on short paper and other days they paint on large sheets of easel paper. The teachers change the kind of paper routinely. As the [...]

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Lesson plans for the infant room

An infant room is a special place where babies are nurtured, loved, and are given opportunities to learn! Infants are learning about themselves and their world every single minute of every single day. 1. To prepare an infant lesson plan, the first thing I like to consider is the developmental stages of an infant. Each stage brings about new understanding and abilities. Because you may have a variety of developmental stages in your care at [...]

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Bird nests your preschooler can make

This week was a week about spring and spring always reminds us of birds. The children made their own little bird nests with eggs. The children spread glue all over their paper then sprinkles brown confetti strips on top of the glue. Then the children dipped their finger tips or thumbs into the stamp/ink pad and made little finger/thumb print eggs inside the nest.

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