Craft recipes every preschool teacher should know

Each photo below will take you to a great craft recipe that you will want to hang onto! Mama Jenn: Colored Rice Delicious Ambiguity: Sensory Bottles Crunchy and Green: Salt Art Preschool-What Fun We Have: Flour Finger Paint Centers and Circle Time: Pastel Colored Rice Pink and Green Mama: Cornstarch Sidewalk Paint Quirky Mamma: Bubble Art Delicious Ambiguity: Rainbow Science [...]

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Deborah’s new CD and the IAEYC conference

I have been preparing for the Indiana Association for the Education of Young Children (IAEYC) conference that will be held this weekend in downtown Indianapolis. I will be presenting on: Friday, April 9th, - 3:15 to 4:30 pm. I will also be at a presenters booth on: Friday, April 9th - Booth #114  - Time: 9:00-11:00 am Saturday, April 10th - Booth #118 - Time: 12:30-2:30 I will be presenting a session on simple music for [...]

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Capturing the attention of preschoolers

There are lots of techniques teachers use to capture the attention of preschoolers. Walk Over When needing to get the attention of only one child or a small group of children playing together, it is always more effective just to walk over, bend down close and speak warmly to them.  What doesn't work well? Yelling across the room. Kids learn to tune this out pretty quickly. Eye Contact I always say if you don't have [...]

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