Centers in the preschool classroom

When children enter this classroom, they will discover plenty of things to do and the freedom to explore because each center in this classroom was designed just for them.  At this table the children are creating paintings with the dot painters. At the block center, a couple of boys have decided to pull out the legos. As they play with the legos, they also communicate with each other and discover how to cooperate and collaborate. [...]

Organizing art supplies in preschool

I thought I would share some of the ways teachers organize their student art supplies. Above is a caddy that holds markers, scissors, a stapler, crayons, and glue. This little caddy also has a side pocket where crayons are kept. The caddy would be placed in the center of the table and the supplies shared by a small group of students. This is also a good way for children to store their supplies at home. [...]

Potato alphabet activity in preschool

It was farm week in this two year old classroom. Laying in the center of this table was a set of mixed up construction paper potatoes with one letter of the alphabet on each one. There are several centers open throughout the classroom including a sand table, water table, easel, gluing activity, blocks, and so on. The teacher waits to see which children would like to participate in the game with her. It doesn't take [...]

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T is for triangle colors and patterns

The two year olds in this class are exploring triangles. Each child reaches into a bag and selects different colors of triangles they would like to glue to their paper. While the children work with the glue, the teacher converses with the child. "What color would you like to glue next?" "I see you are creating a pattern - blue, green, blue, green."  "What shape are you holding in your hand?" The child uses his [...]

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Fine motor development in preschool with play dough and straws

Play dough is such a wonderful resource for building fine motor skills. Wy and I sat down to play with some play dough recently. I cut the straws down so they were a little shorter then showed Wy how to make a ball of play dough and then stick the straws into the play dough. The play dough wasn't as soft as I had hoped so it made it more difficult for Wy to poke [...]

One voice in the preschool classroom

The thing about working with preschoolers is you are always having to either talk over lots of little voices or find creative ways to capture their attention. Lots of little voices all going at once is to be expected but lots of teacher voices all going at once should not be part of the plan. Too many teacher voices If there are two or more teachers in the classroom and each are talking [...]

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Morning greeting and calendar and weather time in preschool

Attention!  THIS POST IS SOOO OLD! Please see the way I have modified our morning as time as gone by : Ten Tips for Circle Time in the Preschool Classroom What I used to do in 2010 I always start my day in preschool off with a morning greeting time which includes exploring the calendar, weather, seasons, and a brief review of basic concepts. Let me show you some of the ideas that can be [...]

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Pro-social sharing and negotiation skills in preschool

I was asked by Noah of The People Garden to drum up some activities that promote pro-social sharing and negotiation skills for young children. I wanted to share this article so you could see the ideas as well. You will have to scroll down just a bit (past the very nice comments about me:) to see the activities. There were four activities in all including... #1 Sensory Play: Pepperoni Pizzas #2 Music and Movement: Circle [...]

Using all those great ideas in your preschool classroom

I love to search out new preschool ideas and activities on other blogs. New ideas keep me motivated and inspired. However, once I find a cute idea, I visualize how I will do the activity with my students. Lose the recipe Often times teachers look at an idea they find online or in books as they would a recipe for baking a cake. Following the idea one step at a time. Following step one, step [...]

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Presenting simple songs and fingerplays to young children

I wrote this article for Teaching Tiny Tots a few months ago on teaching simple songs to preschoolers.  In this article, I talk about using the S-I-M-P-L-E method when introducing simple songs and fingerplays to young children. Singing and Chanting the Itsy Bitsy Spider!