March 2010

Creating a stick puppet stage for your preschool classroom

Create your own puppet stage for preschool!

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More inspiration in early childhood education

I am always inspired by what others do and share with me. A few weeks ago, I posted this little quilted mailbox system that I use in the classroom which led to Danny Chiu, a kindergarten teacher from Jarkarta, Indonesia,  to create one for his students at Regency Kindergarten. This is my mailbox… Below is the […]

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Inspiration in early childhood education

CERIA Preschool at Palembang south Sumatra Indonesia Rhama’s class is from Palembang south Sumatra Indonesia. Rhama often checks into the Teach Preschool site on Facebook and finds activities to do with her students. Most of these activities are not my ideas, rather ideas from my fellow bloggers. On occasion Rhama will share photos of her […]

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Name graphs for young children

Help preschoolers learn to recognize their names with these graphing activities. The activity you choose to use will depend on the age and readiness of your students. When participating in any type of graphing activity, always make sure your students are involved in the process and once the graph is completed, ask the children questions […]

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