Simple flowers, caterpillars, and rainbows in preschool

I keep this product in my kitchen cabinet all the time and love it because of its special kind of adhesive ability to wrap up foods with an easy seal. I buy Glad Press'n Seal wrap from the local grocery store or Walmart. Pull out a length of the sealing wrap and set it out (adhesive side up) on the table. Decorate the sheet of sealing wrap with tissue paper squares, construction paper squares, or fabric [...]

Sweet glue for creative art in preschool

Add some food coloring to corn syrup and you have a very sweet glue mixture! I took these photos at a local school I visited and noticed the blue bottle of corn syrup (made by adding food coloring). The children painted a little fish bowl cut out with the blue corn syrup. Then they added little construction paper fish on top of the corn syrup. Next they sprinkled on a few little beans to make [...]

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Simple, creative, and colorful tye dye for preschoolers

I have seen others make this type of activity on their blogs so when my nieces came over, I thought we should try it all out. What we discovered is that this activity (which we now call designer paper towels) is an idea that just keeps on keeping on. So here it goes:) Setting up I set out... Newspaper (to keep from ruining my table) Paper towels (the bounty rectangles/half sheets) Paper plates (to put [...]

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Let your child take his turn

I want to welcome my guest Colin Wee today! Since I do not have a background in Montessori, I invited Colin to share his experiences with us. Colin is going to provide those of you, like me, who are curious about the Montessori approach a brief snapshot of the Montessori learning process. Let your child take his turn Snapshot of the Montessori Learning Process for Parents and Young Children By Colin Wee I found a wonderful [...]

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