Name sensory for young children

Create a name sensory card for each of the children in your class and then try the activities described below!

What the teacher will do…

  1. Print each child’s name on a sentence strip using upper and lower case letters.
  2. Trace each letter of the name with a thick line of glue.
  3. Set aside to dry.

Activities the children can do once the glue is completely dry…

Letter imprints
The children can place a thin sheet of paper over the dried glue name and using the edge of a crayon, color the paper to leave a print of their name.

Tape the name card to the back of a thin sheet of paper to keep the card from sliding around.
Flip the paper over and color the paper pressing down hard on the name card.
Other Ideas
Name Feeling Game
Place one or two cards in the middle of  a table and see if the children can guess which name is their name by closing their eyes and feeling the letters.

(Provide hints – is your name long or short? How many letters do you feel? How many letters are in your name? What letter does your name start with? Can you feel the beginning letter of your name?)

Name painting
Let the children paint over the dried glue on their name cards with watercolor paints to create a beautiful name card and display the decorated names in the classroom.


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    You must be part psychic. Everytime I’m doing my lesson plans and think of what I want to focus on….you post an idea on it! Thank you!